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Anyways, good news! An Orthros no Inu original soundtrack will be released on September 9th. No details about the track list yet, but I think Hikari Hitotsu will be in the CD too HH most likely wont be in the CD? The price listed on Amazon JP right now is 2,500 yen. Otanoshimi ni~

Episode 3

 The unconscious Kana wakes from her coma. Was it because of Ryuzaki’s fickleness or is there a catch? Aoi continues to ponder about Ryuzaki’s true intentions, but for now, he feels more relieved. But taking note of the fact that Kumakiri would become apprehensive about Kana’s testimony, Nagisa begins to follow Ryuzaki.

 Meanwhile, Kumakiri’s father Senzou, who knows about the power of Ryuzaki’s hands, introduces Ryuzaki to Sakaki (Takahata Atsuko), the Minister of Health and Welfare of her own company. Senzou explains that Ryuzaki has the power to heal Sakaki’s illness, but she refuses to believe him. Ryuzaki apprises her of the situation that she is in and asks her for the last time “What can you do for me?”

Genba Report #11
(only translated the part about Takki)

Kumakiri VS Nagisa

 This time, there was an action (scene) where Ryuzaki had to snatch a knife away from Kumakiri and stab him with it. And as expected from Kumakiri and Ryuzaki, they both learned their moves very quickly. After having observed the instructor about 2 to 3 times, the two were able to completely memorize everything. That’s impressive, isn’t it~!
 But when Ryuzaki twisted Kumakiri’s wrist, Kumakiri bitterly laughed and cried “Ow ow ow ow… (tears).” These sort of things happened, but Yaotome-san seemed like he was having fun from start to finish.

Interview with Takizawa Hideaki

Q)Its been a while since your last series drama. How’s the filming?

A)The story itself is very serious, so there were a lot of serious and slow scenes. So while we were filming, I thought it’d be nice if there could be a cheerful and harmonious atmosphere (instead of a serious one). And since “A Devil with God’s hands” is quite a difficult role to play, I would act after having discussions and exchanging opinions with the Director during the shoots.

Q)Please tell us what your thoughts were when you (first) read the script.

A)With the same feelings that the viewers might have when Orthros no Inu airs, a lot of the time, I thought “What does this mean?” And when I read the script, I myself got drawn into the many mysteries that it described. I think its a very mysterious drama.

Q)So does that mean that its different that other dramas?

A)There are dramas that convey the story in a straight and easy to understand way, but Orthros no Inu doesn’t do that. For the viewers, depending on each individual’s feeling about it, I think everyone would have a different point of view. I think its a drama that makes you feel a variety of emotions while your watching it.

Q)What kind of person is Ryuuzaki Shinji?

A)He is a calculating person, but simply put, someone who has a lot of the bad traits that are (commonly) seen in people. He also has a strong image of an inscrutable person. He is someone who’s full of mysteries, so much that even I don’t fully understand him yet (laughs).

Q)This time, its your first time challenging a dark hero role. What are you enthusiastic about?

A)Whenever I act as a good character, I want to act as the villain. There’s justice, so there will be villains, and there are villains because there’s justice; I’ve always thought that that kind of balance is nice. I’ve always been interested in trying such a role, so I was happy when I got it this time. This is my first challenge, but to me, its a really good opportunity, so I will work hard on it.

Q)Please tell us how you prepared for the role.

A)This time, its an original story, so from the very beginning, I had discussions with the Producer and Director and asked them about various things. I went into the shoot with my own interpretation of the role. I made this role my own and my intention was to, in a good way, break the image that I’ve had up until now and to make it so that the viewers will like the worldview that film is trying to portray.

 Making fun of various people through (harsh) words, becoming amused by using speech to do things that normally can’t be done, having an unreadable facial expression on my face, smirking, etc… I’ve never acted like that before, so it was a little embarrassing to be honest. (embarrassed smile)

Q)First time having Nishikido-san as your co-star, what was your impression of him?

A)It’s not like we didn’t know each other before, so my impression of him hasn’t changed. But this is our first time (co-starring) and on the set, he doesn’t act like the normal Nishikido, so it felt refreshing, yet weird. When filming starts, we automatically turn into our characters without even noticing it, so I feel like there’s no need for any warmups when enter the set. Having personally seen how he is capable of acting with much expression in his eyes, I think that “Actor Nishikido” is very powerful. And even in the story, I think Aoi’s existence is important to Ryuzaki. And by important I mean that Aoi’s existence is a necessary part in Ryuzaki’s plans.

Q)Speaking of “plans,” what are Ryuzaki’s motives?

A)They won’t even tell us (the cast) about what’s going to happen from now on, so I honestly have no clue (bitter smile). There are times when even I get fooled by Ryuzaki, so I cant even imagine what’s going to happen to him from now on. I think there is a major objective to his actions, but I don’t think he’s really that evil of a guy. I’m addicted to his charm at the moment, so I, too, want to find out what’s going to happen to him (laughs).

Q)Well then, please tell us what’s a must-see in this drama, as well as give a message to all the viewers.

A)What’s attractive about this drama is the fact that it’s speedy and it has a worldview that has never been seen in other dramas before. And what kind of situation Ryuzaki and Aoi will use their powers in, is certainly one of the highlights of the drama, so I hope everyone will also watch and pay attention to the relationship between the two. I hope that the whole family can have heated discussions about the drama while they’re watching it.

 Orthros no Inu is a very intriguing drama; it has a lot of riddles in it and you don’t ever know what’s going to happen. Please watch and get a taste of this mysterious drama. Thank you.

Q)Lastly, if Takizawa-san could possess one miraculous power, what would it be?

A)There are a lot, but my first choice would perhaps be the power to travel through time (laughs). Then, the power to be able to fall asleep immediately and then the power to wake up immediately. Ah~ there are a lot of difficult lines this time too, so it’d be nice if I could have the power to be able to memorize my script quickly (laughs).

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  1. simone says:

    Bon-chan, thanks for this long translation. It is truly very interesting.

    I noted that the release is by TBS, not Avex, so Hikari Hitotsu may only appear as part of the track?

  2. michelle says:

    bon-chan, thanks for the trans! i’m not reading coz i’m not into spoilers…

    ah, but i dun think hikari hitotsu will be on the soundtrack ne. usually they dun include the theme song. but i’d definitely buy this OST coz the music in the drama is so so nice!!!!! XD

  3. bon-chan says:

    oh… i’ve never bought a soundtrack before, so i wouldnt know. i only thought that it would MAKE SENSE for the themesong to be in the soundtrack? lol i wonder why they dont include it?

  4. michelle says:

    yeah, i bought the soundtracks for some of takki’s past dramas, and for eg. boku dake no madonna (southern all stars’ themesong wasn’t included), taiyou wa shizumanai (elton john’s wasn’t included), satomi hakkenden (brave soul wasn’t included), majo no jouken (first love by utada hikaru wasn’t included). but these OSTs contained instrumental/piano/various versions of the themesongs… used in the drama. coz i think they’re written/arranged by different people. usually the themesongs themselves are released as singles by the artistes who sing them. sigh… i’m not sure what will happen to hikari hitotsu. can something be announced soon??! v_v;

  5. suki says:

    Thanks for translating. I didn’t understand a thing when I read this the first time. But now that I have watched Epi 1, names makes sense.

  6. twety17 says:

    oh,i was Waiting impatiently For the translated preview of 3rd Episode ^^ and there is extra interview too? ..yay ! ^^

    Thank you so much Dear Bon-chan for your hard work,really grateful for you and dear Mich and all the great stuff of this amazing site,i can’t thank you all enough ^^

    yay again ! i will definitely be waiting for the OST ^_^ ,and i agree with dear Michelle that the theme song will be released as separate track,especially that they announced in the TBS Site before that Avex Will be the producer of the song ,i saw Avex name also in the opening of the drama under the title of the song ^^

    the interview was really interesting to read and tackey-sama was as cute & adorable as always ^^

    I’m glad that the atmosphere in the set is cool & funny ^^

    for so long i really was waiting for such interact between ryo-chan & tacky -kun ^^ ,i felt so happy when someone as brilliant – either as an actor,performer & director)like tackey think that about him ^^

    I’m actually very impressed that although they don’t know the whole details of the drama and the whole story yet,also the deep thoughts & feelings that had been hidden in the heart & mind of the characters they are playing,the two of them can amazingly act like this ^^ , i knew from the start that i will enjoy their powerful & emotional acting above everything else ^^

    poor tackey his wishes are so childish & lovely just like him ^^

    but somehow i want those powers too..hahahaha

    he is so excited & happy about his new role and for the whole drama ^^ oh dear, hope he didn’t feel depressed because of the ratings -_-

    Dear tackey we will always love you & support no matter what ! Ganbare ~ ♥

    Thanks again dear , and sorry for the long comment :o

    Regards :)

    note : i just wonder, May I translate tackey’s interview (into Arabic) please?:o ,I’ll credit you of course ^^,if this is not possible it’s ok :), Thank you in Advance :)

  7. bon-chan says:

    un, demo… i think this is just the way my American-washed brain works… the theme song is what ties the whole drama together, so in my opinion, it would make more sense for such an important song to be in the soundtrack. But i guess Avex will release it anyways so whether its in the ST or not, we’ll still be able to listen to it soon?

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