滝沢連合 第304章

This entry is really a killer… zenzen wakannnaaii… those 2 sentences… I looked up dictionaries but still don’t really know what he’s talking about ne… Help~~~

Takizawa Rengou Vol. 304

27 May

The Osaka shows tomorrow (gives me a) finally undoubtedly last~like feeling da ne I’ll be enthusiatic and go yo From afternoon onwards, raise the temperature yo If your voice is too soft, then I’ll seriously never~for~give~you~ That’s why it is hard to convey (^_^; ) (he might be referring to the entry when he said it’s easier to convey the “su~shi~” way of talking in person, rather than via writing?)
Ah~ ah~ my head is in sixes and sevens da Drama… Enbujou… Concert… Orange Juice… But I’ll try my best コンサート中鳶歩きしていたらメンゴ 最近ついつい鳶風が出てしまう [***]
In any case, tomorrow, I’ll be enthusiastic and go, be fired up and go [*], go, go, go go go go go.


[***] Gomen ne, this is the chunk of words which I don’t know how to translate, so I’ve typed it in Japanese. Previously he mentioned in Vol. 303 that it’s hot and 鳶だし. Checked the dictionary, and the word 鳶 can mean “construction worker” or “kite”. I thought he meant “like a construction worker” (since they work even when it’s hot), but now, a construction worker walking around during the concert? Is he referring to himself? Ahhhh~ someone… 助けて下さい!

[*] He used the words 熱く行く、燃えて行く (like the chorus of “Venus”)

Sigh~ My mind is also in sixes and sevens ne… Everything just seems to make more sense in Japanese? Hahaha~ I’m feeling quite lay~jee now, maybe I should go to bed early…

14 thoughts on “滝沢連合 第304章

  1. Reiko says:

    Hey, sis…nice try translating this. Wow…sugoii! I think if I told my bunch of Japanese friends now, they’d probably be thrilled and at the same time, chotto surprised that a person from Sing. has translated this. ^_^ I’ll c what they say & tell u later. *hugs u* Keep up the good work, Mich…and ganbare ne!

  2. glenda says:

    This is sort of off topic but it does involve jweb phone ^_^ I know from a previous thing that you watched Dragon Zakura. We are now on episode 5. There is this student and her cell phone will ring & there is this message from Azumi (I think;not sure of name) and there will be a picture with a voice message playing. I kept trying to figure out if this was someone the character knew or what then Sarah came up with the answer of it being jweb maybe….like if it were Takki & he posted to his jweb thing, her phone would ring & his Takizawa Rengou would pop up on her screen. Made sense to me :p Do you know if that is how it works?

    Thanks for translating Michelle ^_^ Oh! I failed to comment in another one where you mentioned moving. I’m sorry that this came true for you as you were afraid of it doing. Are you moving far or still within visiting range of Ribi? No matter how far it is, moving is always a headache.

  3. carmen says:

    thanks for the translation :D makes me wonder now…WHY WHY didn’t I take Japanese when I had the option to back in high school

  4. michelle says:

    reiko-chan, it doesn’t matter where you are, as long as you want to, you can always learn japanese. the only problem with ME translating is that, my japanese is still very bad, i only completed the very first basic course lol~ that’s why probably i shouldn’t be doing translations yet lol…

    ah, glenda~ in DZ, that azumi girl is her friend who’s sending her a msg. so her handphone rings when it receives a msg… for j-web, eg. takiren, it’s not like this. when i was in japan last yr, i saw how ryther checked her phone. she had to access the j-web, then click into takki’s, to check the entries. she can also view all other johnny boys’ entries, eg. tsu’s or pi’s or toma’s. from that j-web page as well. i think it’s like a webpage but only accessible via keitai :) i know they have such things as keitai email, i’m not sure how it works.. probably something like an mms? (maybe that azumi girl was sending an email to the girl’s keitai?)

    carmen, it’s still not too late to learn yo…

  5. ribi says:

    I thiiiiink he’s saying that if he was walking around like a construction worker during the concert, gomen (mengo = takkigo again). And then the 2nd second he said that recently, he suddenly started walking like this.

    I am just doing a quick one based on your dictionary meaning.. but as usual, I have a feeling that EVEN IF I had used a dictionary, I wouldn’t be able to understand Takkigo… I need a Takkigo software/dictionary to understand your boy! *laughs*

    Sorry that I am MIA recently coz work has been seriously KILLING me… My back is ALL sore from the packing and shifting of office…

  6. michelle says:

    arigato, ribi!! ya i guess that’s what he means ne.. tho it’s weird to suddenly talk about construction worker.. is he acting as one in the drama? lol…


  7. skammie says:

    haha, “orange juice” is in the list!
    that boy…such a busy schedule ahead! I hope he keeps himself well fed though. don’t want him getting any skinnier! =S

  8. glenda says:

    Thanks for the explanation of the j-web phone thingy LOL Still want access to it; still can’t get it; still don’t live in Japan :p

    I thought I read that his job in the new drama was working in a fish market…because Sarah Ann said she’d eat more fish if he was working at one here LOL

  9. michelle says:

    skammie~he really loves his orange juice!! haha… hope he has time to eat hahaha..

    ya, glenda, i think so, fish market desu ne… come to think of it, i think we’ve seen takki work as a construction worker before? erm… i think in “heart” and also in “taiyou no kisetsu”? those part time job thingie, was it?

  10. Reiko says:

    Gee, sis…too bad u can’t give me the Japanese version to all these Takirens. Know why? I can email either Hinako or my ‘new’ Japanese friend I just met over the weekend…Sachie. I can have them translate the Takirenes for me. (Sachie, btw…is around your age or around Takki’s age) Then, I can give them back to you, weekly. (or however often they come)

    What do you think? Let me know. Thanks~ You can still do these on your own. I jus thot that if you get stumped, well…who else better than to ask the people themselves who are FROM Japan, right? lol :P

  11. glenda says:

    yep yep Taiyou no Kisetsu = construction worker = hot ^_^

    dunno about Heart as I’ve not seen it

    hehehe maybe one day in a drama he will be a rock star :p

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