17 thoughts on “New Takiren Logo

  1. naughtiest says:

    He looks just like an adorable little devil! *pets his black hair* That mischievous grin is so cute! *pinches pinches* Whoever drew/make this logo for him did such a great job!

    Thank you Michelle!

  2. Reiko says:

    OMG, Mich…kawaii!!!! ^_^ Yeah, that mischiveous grin of his is so adorable, not to mention seein’ that mole under his eye is cute too. Looks jus like him. (aaawwww…)

    And I agree w/naughtiest that whoever made this logo for his Takiren did an excellent job. ^_^ *hugs them*

    Sooo cuuute his shoes…and that hair of his totally matches. lol :P Wow, love that Japanese writing too w/the Takiren logo seal, along w/how the blk/red colors match. (I personally love the colors red & blk myself that’s why.) ^_^

    Too bad on one thing…that those stars don’t winkle. lol Okokok…I’m totally grateful enough of this logo they did 4 him. hahahaha Jus that, would b cute to see the stars twinkle, made into a gif file. =D (maybe someone out there can redo this for our own ‘personal’ and make it into a gif?? Azuki? Dithers? Mich? Someone? =D *puppy dog eyes*

  3. glenda says:

    It looks like what Azuki does don’t you think? [http://idontocry.livejournal.com/] Hmmm, may be she has a secret ^__^

    He’s awfully cute! Thanks for putting it up!

  4. michelle says:

    Ah, Tongari, i must show it to my colleague coz she’s a haido fan! btw, those black eyeliner eyes make him look like a j-rocker! Haahaha…

    youchan, i din notice the mole! now that u mention, ya, it’s there!! =D (eh, but his nose is a “dot” haha)

    naughtiest, it’s the way he sits and fold his arms right? so cheeky and michevious, yet powerful lol~

    And ya, glenda, the MOUTH especially reminds me of Azuki’s takki fanarts!!! i noticed the end of the lips curl up in the same way!!!

    Azuki, if you’re reading this, are u takki’s secret artist or something?!!! *g*

  5. michelle says:

    oh, i mean that i can finally share it and post it up ~^^ i first saw this logo while translating vol. 300 (which is the start of the ‘renewal’). yup, this logo is appended to the top of each takiren entry, starting from vol. 300.

  6. Reiko says:

    Mich, do you have this Takiren vol. 300 w/the logo on it? I tried finding the official Takiren site on blogs but, can’t find it anywhere. (i.e. dither’s site, Snuffles’ site, yours, and Bonnie’s) =( Maybe I’m blind. -_-

  7. michelle says:

    reiko-chan, sorry i’m not allowed to post it with the vol. 300. dun worry, it’s the same logo for every vol. so juz grab this one will do~ and i dun think there is an official takiren site ne…

  8. Reiko says:

    And btw, what ever happened to his Takirens you used to do? I thought that this logo would show up on them if you were able to grab them? *sigh* Jus curious~

  9. Azuki says:

    O o O!!! hy!!

    first of all NO! I’M NOT TAKKI’S SECRET ARTIST
    I wis I was ! ¡ = ¡ but I’m not soo lucky girl u , u!

    but when I looked the picture I almost die cause I have a draw that I made last summer and it’s a bit simmilar
    I have a friend who enjoys piking on Takki, just to made me angry, and she is always saying that Takki is the king of the hell and he has Tsubasa like a maid n , nUU
    soo.. I made a draw of it here there are


    did you find simmilar too? o_o!
    I could ensure that I drew it before I’ve saw the logo LOL
    Maybe I have mental power with the oficial takki’s artist XDDDDDD who knows
    anyway thanks for sharing it * u *

  10. michelle says:

    OMG~~ Azuki!! Your drawing!! really, ur drawings and the logo has the same kind of mouth! hahaha… who knows the one who drew it for him (whoever it is) actually saw ur fanarts before lol~~

    and i just showed the pic to my colleague. she said it looks like hyde!!! ^^

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