1st Nov album?

Read this from BNS today:

11/01 タッキー&翼 (3種/+DVD)
From jbbs.livedoor

It’s not official but if it’s true, there’s what — 3 versions of the album? PLUS DVD? OMG my pocket’s getting ready to be set on fire (again!). And I haven’t even recovered from my 3 Hosamas & 2 SoloconDVDs and other etc etc Takitsuba stuff that I’ve been buying recently… and there’s still the winter wedding in December! *cries*

LOL~ we are hard to please eh? When there’s no album or dvd, we make noise and complain like little kids. And when an album or dvd or single is released, we complain again about the money we’ll have to spend etc etc…

I got my One Pamphlet!!!! (thanks, wribbit & ribi! Also to shuduck, it was so fun to meet up~~)! And the outdoor shots with Franz Harary are like *NOSEBLEEDS* sooooo kakoii~ so nice, so beautiful, so pretty!! Ahhh….. one can never get tired looking at those… And the paper quality is really good :)

And Takki updated his Takkiren! He said he’s been thinking about the concert all this while~~~ Also, it was Koutan who told him to update. Koutan said that he hasn’t heard from Takki so he doesn’t know if Takki is well or even alive lol~ I thought that was so funny. Thanks, Nere, for the info!

33 thoughts on “1st Nov album?

  1. DiTHeRs says:

    We just love TxT too much we always go urusai ^^ Times when TxT are quiet and on vacation, I call them ‘Save Up Season’. So now its S.U.S and we have a BIG TxT storm coming. ALBUM + CON and God knows, what Johnny-san has up his sleeves before that *gulps*

    You got your ONE PAMPHLET too ^^ I love the outdoor shots as well. That one when he was looking at bended fork *coughTAMAGOcough* and the one when he was standing infront of the jeep. But you know what I really, really love? the chibi fotos!!!! I was KYAAAAAAAA-ing just looking at them. I liked that particular foto of Tackey when he was 2 and has his tongue sticking out…soooo cute!!!! Of course, the famous Tackey akachan foto and all the others. I was hoping to see more of his chibi fotos but there’s all to it—1 page ONLY (T.T)

    *lol* KOUTAN. Sometimes, he’s acting like an impatient, ranting gf…. but KOUTAN, we’re watching you (O.o)

  2. ryther says:

    Oh,did I told you?I met Toma!rofl~

    anyway,freaking hell, I just know that I could use that JWeb thingy from my phone and yep yep yep,that was definitely what he said;”コンサートモード行くよー行くよー行くよー” ^___^ see, it seems like he’s planning for a wedding or something…

    anyway, I still haven’t recovered from that Toma meeting thing…lovesick…this is only seeing my 2 fave Johnnys…if I ever meet T&T, definitely gonna get a heart attack..

  3. shuduck says:


    how will u be passing me the ONE? (= i haven got anything frm misexclusive..urgh not even dreamboy or wht..wasnt available at hmv..nuthing much there…n mags frm kino..i duno if i shld get either..T_T today went home,surprsingly empty-handed lo.

    who’s toma? one of johnny jrs? ryther..so gd that u’ll there in japan …r u working or? keke..

    michelle..which mag u buy on last sun ahh?? izit popolo??

  4. michelle says:

    DiTHers, yes, the S.U.S. is like the quiet before the storm (i got this from LOTRs lol)… everyone’s preparing to be bombed or something~~~

    ryther, omg u met Toma! he slept over at Takki’s rite? together on the same bed holding hands or something? lol~ read that somewhere haha…

    shuduck, ya, toma is one of their kouhai lor. he same era as yamapi wan. er, they used to always be together i think~~~ from the sugao videos that i have & even in the hatachicon dvd!

    but OMG, that link u gave~~ it’s SO DAMN EX!! over S$500 for that pamphlet!!! daylight robbery ah!

  5. michelle says:

    sorrie, forgot to answer ur qns shuduck, for one, see when we can meet up again la~ we arrange via sms k~ and the mags i bought on sun were popolo & myojo. i’m looking forward to the winkup, duet & potato (can’t remember which one but i like the flower background one lol~~ but i usually wait for seashipments instead coz got to really save up lor! too broke liao!!!!!) :(

  6. akatsuru01 says:

    Ohhhmyy…and I’m STILL recovering from the HoSummer events yet (i.e. cds, cd/dvd, etc.) and the Takkuricon dvd! *uwaaaahh* Well, looks like we’ll jus have to save, save, save even more ne? (and the TxTcon din even start yet either! lolz) *DIES* Btw, Shelle…u mentioned about giving me a copy of the ONE pamphlet? I’d like to purchase from you if that’s ok. Email me more info (i.e. price, etc.). I still have your home add. so no need to give it to me again. Also, I checked here in SD about a foreign exchange rate booth and there IS one in downtown SD or a nearby mall where I frequent. So, I’ll ask them about how to go about sending u the money 4 it. (and the TxTcon goods you’ll b gettin’ me) Thanks, sis!

  7. 3A says:

    Hello everybody ^___^ Do you guys know where to find Satomi Hakkenden English softsub ? We’re now doing Vietsub for this drama but lack of E.softsub … so can you help us to find that ? Thankz a lot .

  8. shuduck says:

    yup..so sad now..esp the china link(http://auction1.taobao.com) i gave u via sms..china shanghai has so much takki stuff there?ehh?? weird..i drop by at tw ebay oso hv abit stuff..i drop by at sg auctions nt much..juz keep HATACHI-ing..and hang.lag in tht HATACHI 20 mode den bo liao! sick ehh…wana get sumthing oso dun hv loh T_T

    i m actuali taking up few part time IT training projs n plus my current work thingy,..bt i dun needa spend on anything up till nw ehh?? weird…ok i gues we muz meet up in near future again…2 kino again kekeke!! n for the pamphlet n dvd.here’s the link of the dreamboy dvd i m getting ba..


    i tink i heard my frd mention the oly diff btw jap n hk vers is there’s no tiny booklet included inside hk vers loh..tht’s wht we wil b missin out ehh? bt will needa pay so much for jap vers..tht sux!

    ok if u gt better site,do tell me wher u gt ur dreamboy frm then..thx gal!((=

  9. ryther says:


    yep!Met him!!!!Uso jyanai yo!

    Toma is one of the closest kouhai to Takki and you need to know about him coz they appeared together a lot and they also made a lot of rabu rabu stuff among themselves too…^__^; He is the only junior in No Border and if you do read my LJ there’s a lot of stuff I put up about him and his relationship with Takki, Tsubasa and Yamapi- since they are all really close with each other..

  10. shuduck says:

    yes..toma n yamap i realise..takki has quite afew gd close frds,esp w so many yrs spent in JE..if i were 2 stick 2 a job for 10over yrs..it wil oso be the same way.

    i noe long ago, takki used 2 hv a v.gd close frd, subaru but i’ve known nothing about subaru at all. does any1 noe?

    thx ryther for the info there (=

  11. ryther says:


    one thing-when you did a research on T&T you’ll get to know a LOT of other younger juniors because Takki was and will always be the best junior leader ever…and fans stareted to divert from T&T that way to though ^^;;

    anyway-another of Toma-Takki finally said that his fave kouhai is Toma in 04/05 after all Pi thingy.but Takki and Toma are REALLY close.

    Subaru…he was the kansai jr and indeed they were really close.Till one time-Jenn said that they had kinda the same disposition-the same attitude-that in the end Takki ended up closer with Tsubasa..but I don’t think there’s any hard feelings-Subaru did told Hey!Hey!Hey! that Takki is really really nice.

  12. shuduck says:

    thx so much,ryther!it helps!

    which hey!hey!hey! are u toking bout then? hmm..i do hope tht takki wil stay close together with all his gd frds! ((= its so impt esp he spend most of his time w JE instead of family. to him, JE is his closer family oso.

  13. michelle says:

    i was watching the jnr concerts recently (109109, sugao1, 2 & 3)… takki looked really close to subaru and aiba! and he really takes care of his kouhais like a papa :)

    back then, it seems like subaru was the vice leader coz he seemed to get the 2nd-most screen time, after takki of coz :) and tsubasa was like the 3rd leader, also got to perform solo and usually wears the same things as subaru? hehe… so it’s like tsubasa on his right, and subaru on his left keke… i think subaru was also in takizawa enbujou, and dreamboy? i’m still learning about all of them lor, it’s true, becoz of takki, i come across many of them and start to like some of them too! now i can recognise many of them lol!

    now i’m even looking for some of their senpai’s songs, those that they sang during the jr concerts lol~~ i juz downloaded ‘kimi dake ni’, ‘can do! can go!’, ‘love you only’ and ‘run! run! run!’ haha…

  14. Sarah says:

    I totally agree with you Michelle! It’s so true that through Tackey, I have come to know and like many of the other JE boys, starting with Tsuba, Kame…the list is still expanding!
    All these comments about Toma got me interested…and I just realized that he’s actually sorta cute! Too bad he doesn’t get a lot of promotion, ne. I wonder why…
    By the way Ryther, how did you meet Toma?!

  15. shuduck says:

    yup..bcos i ever searched on the web on the other JE boys tht are close 2 takki but not much info / fansites abt them at all. it’s thru takkiman then i found out. michelle, izit ok if u cn ul the ‘love u only’ &’run,run,run’ here? thanks alot for this,girl..

    yes,subaru n tsu are his right n left..the chibi old photos said this even without any words of expression..((= tht’s hw i found out…bt michelle,if u go 2 d old website link i gave u, they actuali hv mag articles’reports on younger takki>his dreams,love n frds..((= the sweet young time sort of..
    whn i tink back of takki whn he’s 16-17,he mentioned hw WOW/big it is 2 turn 18,20 n 21..is really cute!
    in fact, he even tot 21 is the Peak Period..when he wil get married,hv children etc ((= and be rili adult n do alot of big impt things ..bt judging frm his age at 24 nw keke, we dun tink so ehh..he still retain his kawaii,childlike playful old self..sumthing he nv sheds throughout the years((=

  16. shuduck says:

    (the old chibi site of takki stuff..)

    (takki goods online..)

    (the LJ site for your own personal johnny boys’paper collection soft copy tho (=)

    (my home muhahaa!)

    btw,as i m now in the chibi txt era fangirling,i put their chibi pic as wallie,so my sis exclaimed:”WOW tht’s aeons ago thingy??whn they r still kiddos! tsubasa looks so cute!!”
    *ahem,she said takki didnt look as cute as tsu..i dono bt i tink tsu rili look v.cute to me..keke..he is still !!! opps..sorry for so much tsu-ings here!

    michelle.maybe in future if i go even more siao, i may attempt 2 design my softcopy txt photo collection,collate them in Photoshop n go print them out hehe!

  17. michelle says:

    same here, sarah, the first person i know through takki is tsubasa!! hehe… then yamapi and toma, jin and kame, then aiba, sakurai sho, matsumoto jun, nino, and yokohama yuu etc… and also some of his senpais like taichi and nakai…

    shuduck, ok i’ll upload those old songs~ lemme sort them out firs t:) and thanks for the links! i also think that tsu is cuter during the 13-15 yr old time (coz takki’s face quite fat and he has THAT centerparting lol), but from abt 16 yrs old onwards, then takki became really pretty kekeke….

  18. shuduck says:

    keke yea..1st person is tsubasa..then the rest came in jumbled order(nw my brain cnt function their order liao =p)

    sorry 4 the trouble 2 find d songs n ul here 4 us girl! (= takki’s face is oso v.cute n i feel like pinching both of them!i tink kids i taught ard their age oso nt tt cute keke..no la..takki young oso as cute as tsu..bt i find tsu look younger than takki durin chibi yrs..takki seem 2 luk more mature =p…i like the piano version of ‘Love you only’ as well…esp whn i cn visualise takki in pink…((= reminds me of every girl’s valentine dream guy..during valentine day u wil wana be out w takki on a date yo..but he’s *ahem coughs, STRICTLY RESERVED BOOKED 24HRS ON 14/2 FOR TSU. ..((= candlelight dinner, txt exchange rings, chu*kisses blowing n extensive grins n eye contact! sorry off topic * here bt it’s uncontrollable..XD love raburabu!

  19. michelle says:

    ya i think takki looked older hen they were young. and he was abt a head taller and bigger size than tsuba too lol. if i knew them first then, i would have thot takki was tsu’s senpai. heh… but takki’s features still the same lor, juz more chubby last time. but i love his look during sugao2~ really super chio teehee ^^

    gomen, digress a bit to sugao 3 – i skipped thru this con a bit last nite (haven’t actually watched the whole thing yet) and i saw loads of tsuba in it, it seems like subaru disappeared or something? i think at that time, T&T were already best friends rite? tsuba looks really really cute in sugao3 wor!!! it’s funny coz i din think i would like that messy ‘exploding’ hair hahaha.. gg back to watch the full thing tonite. it looks much better than sugao1 & 2. damn, i can go on and on about their junior cons… erm, is there a sugao4? sorry i really blur sotong *hides*

  20. ribi says:

    gomen, digress a bit to sugao 3 – i skipped thru this con a bit last nite (haven’t actually watched the whole thing yet) and i saw loads of tsuba in it, it seems like subaru disappeared or something? i think at that time, T&T were already best friends rite? tsuba looks really really cute in sugao3 wor!!!

    OMG! My Tsuba radar so picked up this line of yours. Wribbit burnt it for me and I haven’t got time to watch it yet coz Yoshitsune has all but controlled my life!

    Takki is so cool so calm so composed as Yoshitsune! I really really love this taiga coz of all the conniving and intrigue between the Court, the Heike and the Genji plus all the other factions – and I never imagined that I would say that about a taiga! ^^

  21. michelle says:

    keke.. ribi, ur tsubaradar very accurate lei.. hehe… Yoshitsune has all but controlled my life! keke.. which ep are u at? i like the intertwining relationships among the characters… u watching with chinese subs or eng subs? or without subs? hahahaha…

  22. ribi says:

    Michelle, I just finished Episode 13 of Yoshitsune, still long way more to go but already, so so exciting! ^^
    I haven’t had time last weekend to gorge on Yoshitsune so this week was just like “Taakkkkiiiii!”

    I’m watching with English subs coz really, if I watched with Chinese subs, I’ll still be stuck at Episode 2 or something. *lol*

    Sometimes, I think the Heike not so bad (though it has to be GENJI GENJI GENJI!!!!) but other times, I just wanna whack Kiyomori on the head. But the constant I-cannot-stand-character has to be the Go-Shirakawa-Retired-Emperor! So annoying and so cowardly! ^^

    Okay okay, better not rant anymore coz may just spill the spoilers and spoil it for those who haven’t watched it yet.

  23. michelle says:

    oh.. episode 13 heh.. still long way hehe.. ahh.. i started off with eng subs too, until ep 30 i switched to chinese subs (coz dvd quality better lor)… at first hard to understand but after a while, used to it liao! coz my chinese also CMI haha…

    ya, that go-emperor is so annoying! talk so slowly some more, feel like smacking him haha…

    okok *zips*

  24. shuduck says:

    gosh i m tinking whn i cn actuali sit still n watch..it seems i m pretty tied up w stuff..and jobhunt n stuff…no time haven even watch alot shows..hahahahaha i wana watch bt i m afraid if i finish d show, i wil b super empty inside..d hollow feeling trapped in me..i cnt bear 2 watch..i m afraid if it ends, i wil cry T_T no other anticipation ..

    sugao oso haven touch..argh..the Jin Kattun incident n wht naughtiest mentioned in nere’s blog bout tokio grp mate leaving reason stil left me in shock.numbed..so afraid if takki or tsu will do it this way..if txt hv 2 go, i rather they leave 2gether..i dun wana see one wing hanging alone ..)=

  25. michelle says:

    ya i understand the empty feeling thing~ coz i also felt that way, and din want to complete yoshitsune.. but then again, can always rewatch wan ma… after a yr or so, watch back also fun~:)

    ya the entire jin thing.. sigh.. i think KT fans must be really sad.. i hope it won’t ever happen to T&T. I want them to continue as T&T until the very end….

  26. shuduck says:

    ehh..whtz the v.end u mean?

    for me, if txt want to leave,i hope both leave 2gether instead lo..instead of leave it hanging ((= like without a partner..no balance..hmm..bt i like d feeling of anticipation for sumthin i haven ‘get’ (= keke..i m siao siao sock sock 1..

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