T&T @ Haneru no Tobira 2006.04.18

I watched it this morning. Was awoken by my bro’s stupid alarm clock at 6 something am, so might as well check out the CBs. I started the download for Haneru no Tobira (there was X~Dame/Crazy Rainbow single too, but it’s inevitable so let’s not talk about it heh~). Also grabbed Zubari since it was up as well… then I went back to sleep. By the time I really woke up at 7.45am, both programs have finished DLing hehe… I managed to skim through Haneru before I went to work haha..

OMG~ the clip is so cute!!! It was the 100 Yen segment! Too cute, too cute!! They have to guess what items are 100 yen, then bring the item to the ‘cashier’ who will show the actual price of the item.

Their expressions were so cute!!


The first screencap there was priceless yet again!! *pinchTAKKIpinch* And i thought Takki pinching the butt of that doll there was funny hahahaha…

Download from MU (252.97mb, courtesy of Bon-chan!)

Btw, X~Dame/Crazy Rainbow single @ Oricon Style Singles Charts Ranking for 18th April remains at No.1. Sales figure was 9,150 *speechless* And HMV still hasn’t shipped out my CDs yet. What the #@^$%!!!

9 thoughts on “T&T @ Haneru no Tobira 2006.04.18

  1. sherlyn says:

    Hello,regarding that programme i watched it yesterday night in Japan …it was really so funny…and takki is subarashi….he really knws how to choose,all 100 yen…and tsubasa kept chosing the exp things…haha n nobody dares to listen to his advice…it was really superb funny loh..regarding the mug with a frog on it,takki already told him not to choose it n he still insist on it in the end the mug cost 36000yen….OMG!!!!later he still wants give takki advice on which to choose,haha n takki dun even dare to listen to his advice, so funny loh…..really thanks for uploading all latest news on tackey n tsubasa…

  2. michelle says:

    lol~~ ya, sherlyn, it was so funny! tsubasa was the one who chose wrongly the most no. of times!! and the rock that takki chose? his expression was so cute — rubbing his eyes like crying — kawaiiii~~~ then at the end, when he got the last one correct, i think he punched the air (reminds me of the satoken tokyo friend’s park. he did that too. hehe ^_^)

    m_antung, u got it? mine is still not shipped out from japan yet… sooo sloowwww….

  3. Reiko says:

    kyaaaaaaaaaa~ Still can’t get enuff of that kakkoii-looking hair of his. Thankgoodness he changed it back to blk. =D I love the spikyness on top…and layered in back. NIIIICE~ ^_^

    aaaaaaaahh…and I WANT that poster Takki’s got!! LOL :P Welllll…just *hinting* to Takki is all. hahahahaha

    Thanks Mich for this clip. Will b getting this, along with the many other clips u’ve got on here onto cd disc from Glenda. ^_^

  4. you says:

    that doll is so freaking expensive!!
    [i d/l this 4mclubbox for 9hours!!! can u belive it ]
    their reaction is so cute
    it so funny how those abasan-guy act like takki is the 100yen expert and ask 4 his approval lol
    and tsubasa try to help takki [pointing and say it s daijoubu but takki didnt belive him haha kawaii

  5. michelle says:

    lol~ yea, sometimes the downloads are juz soooo slow.. worse still, sometimes the downloads from cb don’t even start right? ah ya, that doll.. wat kind of doll is it? made of gold? or are there diamonds INSIDE its butt!?!?!?!

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