Koi Uta sells over 100,000!

“Koi Uta/Progress” has been certified “Gold” by The Recording Industry Association of Japan, which means that its sales has surpassed 100,000. (Source: RIAJ)

Omedetou~~ Tackey & Tsubasa xD

(Thanks, nyanco, for the tip! ^^)

16 Responses to “Koi Uta sells over 100,000!”

  1. chcocatxd says:

    Omedetou! I love this album…^_^!
    Mich… Thank you so much for all ur work!!! Actually, i treat u as a part of T&T ^_^ so i will support u until u do not work for us anymore

  2. bunsie says:

    :000 *happy dance*

  3. sannah says:

    Mich…thanks for the good news. Good job everyone……thanks for all the support for T&T.

  4. carolfyfy says:

    So so happy! Thanks for sharing the news. I am now so bored now, bc god knows where Tono is and what he is up to. No news at all??

  5. evergreenoflife says:

    Yayyy! Got so happy to hear this ^__^ Awesome~

  6. glenda says:

    WOOT!!! Terrific news. Thanks for sharing, Mich, & thanks to nyanco for the heads up ^_^

  7. love says:

    u know what, when i was 1st read the news, without noticing, my tears trickling down my face… i’m so happy for them… i’m so happy for t&t fans… we did it guys!

    at last, this is the fruit of their hardworks… let us all spread t&t love more… this is definitely a ‘love song’!

    omedetou t&t!!!

    omedetou everybody!!!

    let us pray the best for t&t future!

  8. Stephi-chan says:

    Omedetou T&T…so happy for them.
    They deserve it all.

  9. PUI says:

    This is really good news!!!

    T&T and all fangirls, OMEDETOU!!!!!!!!

  10. KatSpore says:

    kyaaaaa.. this is so happy news… i felt so happy/touched for the duo! this single have a vy great impact on me as well! i love them! omedetou, T&T!! omedetou to all fangals who supported them!! thanks nyanco n mich for making today a vy happy day indeed!

  11. JuXiaoTian says:

    Omedetou ne TakiTsuba-sama & thanks Mich for the good news~~~

  12. glaciere says:

    FINALLY! *_*
    thanks mich and nyanco! I have to celebrate somehow *laughs*

  13. Giftza says:

    Wow Omedetou!!!!

    This single is very nice

    I love it a lot

  14. luinlote says:

    That is amazing news!! YAY!

  15. pinklyly says:

    Thank you for the good news ^^ Omedetou T&T “^^” I love Koiuta so much :D

  16. cynthi says:

    congrats tackey & tsubasa!

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