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Takitsuba PV Clips DVD rank #1 on Oricon DVD music daily charts for the first day, 06 Mar 2007. Omedetou, T&T!!!!! ^__^ But we all know that what counts most is the ranking at the end of the week desho? It was depressing watching how the rankings dropped for 2U4U last year~~ Ganbatte, minna-san!!!


A large part of the sales for the day probably comes from CDJapan, HMV ( Btw, did anyone notice that HMV finally changed their Tacky to Tackey?? coz I couldn’t take it anymore, and wrote to them some time ago… Glad that they changed it!! ^_^ ), Amazon & Towers pre-orders, since the DVD is only officially released on 07 Mar. This might be a sign that T&T have many crazy dedicated overseas fans deshou? Yoo hoo, Johnny-san, there is a potentially huge market for you to tap out here~~

Btw, my order should have left Tokyo already… I hope?… There’d better be someone at home to receive it tomorrow! Or I’ll )|*&@*#&%….

Also, the staff at the official site also updated! They talked about the DVD release, and I think they want fans to let them know what are our favourites? Favourite parts of the songs, favourite items, etc, etc? This is a time to bombard them with requests? heh heh *evil grin*

9 thoughts on “Oricon DVD Ranking

  1. Reiko says:

    One step ahead of you already, Shelle. (already did) ^_^ lol And yessss Johnny-san…there IS a HUGE market for overseas fans out this way, deshou!! *whacks Johhny* (and NOT on the head, yo! lol)

  2. shuduck says:

    has it reached u? =p
    ahh..they wanna noe? avex?? i duno but i juz luv evrything…maybe i will re-watch n re-feel it n msg avex agn keke..but then agn.,…y they wana noe it for???
    i wan new pv-s loh…tsk…like for crazy rainbow,x-dame n katsu no kaze…or wht..dun hv 1…so siannnnn )=

  3. michelle says:

    it reached me already~ i watched it already.. but too tired to post about it now… takki looks DAMN HANDSOME in the sotsugyou offshots la… but that and yumemo offshots are like the only thing we paid for hahaaa….. but to see kyon again~ i dun mind la hahahaha….

  4. shuduck says:

    u bet!i m totally into sotsugyou!!!!he is soooooo wah….anime….(= final fantasy…(=
    i’ve got this kyon mag clip (glossy thick piece) tht my local seller sold to me..2003’s…n now it is facing me in front of my study table now hehe..good! just to tahan away d time till april whn i meet u gal (=

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