18 thoughts on “Oricon Ranking: Shalala/Mugen no Hane – Day 1

  1. love says:

    don’t tell me that it’s true ! :(
    oricon no longer use the sampling method, now the sales figures that they are releasing are the actual sales…
    i just can’t believe my eyes… :(
    may be we’ll get a big number tomorrow or after this as Oricon normally updating the number from time to time now… *pray hard*

  2. michelle says:

    i think the cds are on sale earlier coz of golden week. but… is it true that oricon are releasing actual sales now??? OMGGGG!!! nooooooooo……………

  3. love says:

    yes, it’s true… they announced it few months ago and they started to use this system on the week KAT-TUN’s One Drop was released…

    so, if this is like really the first day sales figure for this single, then it’s totally huge OMGGGGG here… i already cried when i saw this figure… just can’t bring myself to believe my eyes… TT_TT :(

  4. 329283 says:

    Could it be possible that it is the figure of the three shops? not including those of net shopping…

  5. michelle says:

    the sales of all shops which counts towards oricon has already been counted for day 1, and that shud already include all the pre-order sales from online shops ne.

  6. love says:

    i can’t stop crying… T__T

    may be people are not aware that the CDs are on sale early… hope for better numbers tomorrow…

  7. kittyhello says:

    well,have you ever seen the entire charts?
    I think we should not worry too much.
    usually the new releases will be in front of the whole charts,
    but you would notice that this time most of them are at the back
    so I think the number is Ok

  8. Kiarachan says:

    I was rather surprised that they have the figures already, as the official release date is NOT 5/4.
    But then again, the “official” day more of a suggestion than something fixed. So if some dumb store already sold the CD earlier than suggested… -.-;;;
    I just hope that those 9115 won’t be missing next week, because they will count into this weeks stats. Which is very much DUH!

  9. michelle says:

    SHUX!! i didn’t think of that, kiarachan! OMG, now i’m even more worried! arrghh!! if they were stupid enuf to split the first week’s sales into 2 weeks, that’ll be really DUH! *faints*

  10. eyannis says:

    Oh my goodness, serious? This is…I’m speechless. To be honest, I thought that Mugen no Hane should be promoted as the lead song rather than Sha La La. I like Sha La La, it’s fun…but somehow or rather I feel that Mugen no Hane would’ve pulled in more sales!? It IS written by Takki after all.

    I…don’t know what to think anymore. Could only hope for a better figure throughout the week *sigh* what are the other releases out this week? Any stiff competition for Takki to get to #1 weekly ranking?

  11. simone says:

    I guess I just don’t know what to think either at this point. I was looking at Oricon’s and I do not really understand the figures this time.

    Also, the other times the official date of release was the only one used, no? It is really worrisome.

  12. nic2mit says:

    Could someone PLEASE explain what’s going on? I don’t understand. It says Rank #1…..very confused. Sorry about me being ignorant about this but I’d appreciate if someone could explain why this is bad.

  13. michelle says:

    nic2mit~ a single is only considered “a no. 1 single” if it ranks #1 for the week. daily rank doesn’t really mean anything. i got to check out the competition later, so far i only know SOPHIA is releasing one today lol~ anyway, ai kakumei’s actual first day sales was probably about 20,000 or more, although it included sales from the event… so, in comparison, this is kinda low, and that’s why we’re worried… hope it makes sense haha… but i don’t know yet, since it’s the first time i’ve seen figures counted 2 days before the release date. hopefully it’s becoz some stores haven’t shipped out their pre-orders.

  14. kittyhello says:

    I have checked the oricon rules
    it says that the online sales will be counted only on the week ranks
    so i think the tackey shop oreders are not included yet
    let’s see it later

  15. love says:

    today is lower… :(

    just wish it will surpass 50,000 because tsuyoshi (kinki kids) latest single just got 44,000++, despite of always being a strong seller before. however, tsuyoshi only released two versions of the single and he also released an album at the same time, so it’s acceptable.

    now, i’m trying to stay away from any entertainment forum, people are talking about how weak takki’s sales right now… T___T

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