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Enbujo’08 Food List!

Yum~ Yum~ I’m feeling hungry already. Another 15 mins before I leave to meet Irene for breakfast… Hope my stomach can hold till then lol!

Blame it on this ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓


Meet this year’s 滝沢演舞城’08 special item, Sakura Monaka Ice, which will be sold at the “Takizawa Enbujou ’08” venue only, and costs 350yen each. I think it’s ice-cream within sakura-petals made from mochi. It’s cute how the write up states: 舞台に感動したら、この“さくらもなかアイス”で気持ちをクールダウン! (When you are touched by the show, cool down your feelings by having this “sakura monaka ice” *lol*)

Here’s the Takizawa Enbujou ’08 Food Menu as posted on Shochikuza website (above image also taken from the website):

  • Takikomigohan Set – 3500yen
  • Takikomigohan Bento (Western) – 1500yen
  • Takikomigohan Bento (Japanese) – 1500yen
  • Kani Seafood Salad Soba – 1200yen
  • Sakura Monaka Ice – 350yen

The Bentos are the take-aways, while the Takikomigohan set can be ordered online, collected during the interval and eaten at the venue. Ahhh…. I want to eat the Kani Seafood Salad Soba and the Sakura Monaka Ice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Enbujo’08 Food List!

10 thoughts on “Enbujo’08 Food List!

  1. Yum~ Yum~ How cute! I wanna taste it! I love the idea and design of Sakura monaka ICE, and also 舞台に感動したら、この“さくらもなかアイス”で気持ちをクールダウン! LOL

    I think original monaka is a wafer cake filled with red or white bean jam, kana. But he turned it to be Sakura ICE! wow good idea~~ :D

  2. oishiso~ and the colour is cute too~
    (finally i got my DVD and the poster too *kya~* i change my mind about it now when i saw the real thing it’s so kakkoiii and kirei^^ haha~ should i put it on the wall? but i dont wanna ruin it, doushiyo~~ ^^)

  3. ahhh i had sakura mochi before (at 1/3 the price!), very refreshing, lightly sweet, and smells really good! ^^

  4. hi, michelle;
    can u explain more abt the Takizawa Enbujou ‘08 concert?
    cos i’ve not been there b4, what’s the event like? i only saw the enbujou’07 concert on dvd, performance wise i tink i could get it.. but how come there’s food menu this year? hv u been to enbujou 2007 b4? what’s it like? thanks 4 sharing w me.. i think i better start saving to at least see a tnt concert this year!! all this talk making me itchy to c live performance of tackey >

  5. awwww… that seem’s soooo tasty *x*
    the apresentention of the ice cream is so cute…like an oyster with a pearl ne? ^^
    mmmm.. I’m hungry already just from looking at the pic ;P

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