Icons, etc

I made some icons from the recent Songs & Oricon Style mags. They are nothing fanciful, just simple cuts lol~~~ Posted over here.

Anyway, I would like to know who is actually registered and logged in here when commenting? Anyone? No? I’m in the midst of some serious decision making process now.. regarding this blog lol~ I think some of you might be able to guess hehehehehe….

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  1. love says:

    hahaha… i know what u r considering… honestly, i sometime log in n sometime when time’s consuming i didn’t… hehe… don’t be mad at me, mich… (“,)

  2. kiwi says:

    oh wait…….. gomen i’m not registered :X

  3. tongari says:

    I think I’m usually logged in… But I don’t comment enough to notice. *horrible* XD;;

  4. Febby says:

    Woooo michelee~ the icon are so GREAT n COOL!!!
    Love it all!!!

  5. Jules says:

    CAKE *gets hungry* XD

    I’m not *hides*

  6. renovak says:

    Sometimes I log in, but I’m such a lurker (like now) that I don’t usually comment. D:

  7. you says:

    me me
    *raise hand and waves*

  8. sha2 says:

    *raise hand*


  9. PUI says:



  10. bunsie says:

    pretty icons~ *raises hand for registered and logged-in question

  11. JuXiaoTian says:

    I’m log in ne Mich >_

  12. Alice says:

    and me also ~~~

  13. naughtiest says:

    lol i’m registered, but i only login from home ^^’

  14. DiTHeRs says:

    Errr…should we register?! I, as you might have known, just come, post and go…

  15. Stephi-chan says:

    I didn’t even know it was possible to register on your page. I will though if its possible and if you want us to, because I’m always reading your page and commenting. ^^

  16. Lisa says:

    I don’t think I login everytime I visit, and I know I certainly don’t comment enough. I know saying that I am rendered incoherent by the Takki goodness I find here is not a good enough excuse for that. gomen

  17. cynthi says:

    i’m not registered, but i’ll do that now. :D

  18. XD… I’m not registered, if have to I’ll for sure! no problem \o/

  19. Miron says:

    hmm… not registered :S *gomen*
    didn’t knew there was a register section lol
    going register now ;)
    btw you’re icons are so cuute~**

  20. glenda says:

    I registered back when you asked us to regarding Takki’s blog translations. I only logged in back then. Since I didn’t need to in order to access the regular postings, I really don’t ever think to log in.

    Gomen, I am not logged in now. I will try to remember to do so.

  21. sue says:

    I’m not registered, I never thought to do so before, but now that you’ve mentioned it I will! ^_^
    (really like the icons too ^__^)

  22. leapinglucas says:

    Watashi mo. When I comment it never occured to me to log in first. Gomen. Will be a better visitor from now on.

  23. skammie says:

    I THINK I’m automatically logged into your site? because I see the “logout” link on the right hand side…
    But sometimes, I come by your site at school, I am probably not logged on at those times…

  24. luinlote says:

    I’ve registered now! ^_^

  25. nyanco says:

    I just registered myself. I really like your blog.
    Nice design, nice layout. Great job!!
    Thanks for making this nice blog!

  26. germini says:

    yeah, i think i should register now! I sometimes comment on your blog :D Yeah, ur blogs are really great!

  27. hot3743 says:

    hi~ nice to meet you ~ ^^
    I alway read your blog.
    but I did’n write coment yet.
    sorry ~ ^^;
    and I’v been resisterd!

  28. michelle says:

    juz thot i’d say thanks again, everyone ^^;

    hot3743~ hihi, nice to meet you!
    btw, are you from korea? :)

  29. hot3743 says:

    yes~ ^ ^
    I’m from korea.
    so I can’t english very well.
    sorry ~ ^^;;

  30. Linah says:

    Hi, I come once and again but I’m too shy to comment ^^
    I’ve registered now! Your blog is really lovely~

  31. michelle says:

    hot3743~ your english is alright ne ^^
    dun worry abt that :)

    Linah~ dun need to be shy hehe… as long as u dun mind my rants lol~~ ah, thanks for registering!

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