10 Replies to “[J’s Journey] 2013.01.21 – Episode 3”

  1. I love u guys for doing this day after day I’m counting the days for the next ep of Tono, but as I said before how bad I’m gonna miss them…..!!! a tremendous Thank you for your extraordinary job!!!

  2. He was majide kawai sugi in this episode!!! His expressions when he saw the penguins and the seal and then the way he reacted at hearing that those guys are wrestlers; what are the chances of his meeting pro wrestlers on his trip?! Just so freaking adorabel!

  3. thank you so much !!

  4. Thank you so much!~

  5. Vanessa Ragland says: Reply

    hi I love you taki very much please eng sibs

  6. takki a bit of tipsy after drinking the beer don u all think so?

  7. Wa!!! Domou arigatou!!!

  8. Arigatouuuuu~~~ ^ ^

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