Sorry, I had to have such a post title again heh~~ The Winkup and Potato September 2008 issues are MUST-GETs!!! Thank you, Kulala :) I almost fainted when I saw all those Hawaii shots — *hadaka* and slightly baked Tono! Kyaaa~ KAKKOII!!!!!


Fortunately I called Kino this afternoon to reserve these mags~ So glad I did! Going to collect them on Saturday~ Can’t wait yo!!!

8 Replies to “KYAAAAAAAAAAAA~~~~~”

  1. i want to hug him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    please… he’s so…HOT!

    help me!

    thanks a lot…

  2. These are great! You are so lucky to be able to get these magazines. I haven’t been able to find them here. If they are sold, I don’t know where!

  3. untouchable_girl says: Reply

    gosh i miss hawaii already…imagine seeing him strolling on the BEACH! excuse me sirrrr care to put some lotion on my back??? hahaha *sigh*

  4. KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA………..Takki is so GORGEOUS……..he’s beyond words….Grrrr……………wanna hug and kiss him……LOL

  5. ah~~~~~~~~~~,killer pictures again!! He is so handsome with the new haircut, I am melting here…

  6. AAAARGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!



    dareka help me…..i’m gonna throw myself at the pool…


    thx mich….

  7. Tackey, you are cute boy.

    totemo kawaiiiii & kakkoiiii

    Takizawa smile made me die

  8. I love the last two on the bottom, those are the best! XD
    Takki on a surfboard = HOT. And the last one is just killer, that face melts me. *dies*

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