Leslie Kee’s tweet!

Our famous homegrown talent posted a 2-shot of himself with Takki.
They were holding photos which I assume were for the pamphlet!

I can’t wait to see the pamphlet!!!!

In his tweet, Leslie Kee said that Takki is “the most beautiful man in Johnnys Jimusho”, that he has “a gentle personality, good intuition, and is an artistic talent”. He also said that 2011 Shinshun Takizawa Kakumei pamphlet that he shot “is saikou”!

Leslie Kee’s tweet!

7 thoughts on “Leslie Kee’s tweet!

  1. T.T JEALOUS… He even got Tackey’s autograph…
    lol The pamphlet… I hope there is not too much for Yuya…

  2. Mich, cant wait to see the pamphlet…wow, we must be so proud…our very own homegrown photograph took the photos for the kakumei pamphlet…

  3. I think that pamphlet may indeed be truly worth getting! He does have interesting photos.

    So far my favorite pamphlet has been the TakkiKabuki one last year. But of course the photos are always great.

  4. It’s great that Takki is working with a fellow Singaporean. I feel closer to him already. Let’s hope Leslie makes us proud.
    As for you, Mich, you make me happy! Thank you for you and all your posts. Happy 2011!

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