More Takki updates~~

1) Loads of magazine appearance (that I’m kinda confused myself too lol~). T&T are in 2 magazines that are released today – TV Life No. 1 & Shuukan The Television (New Year issue). Takki will also be in TV Life that’s released on 1/5.

2) Takki will be on 2 episodes of Hi!Hey!Say!, first on the 1/1 (New Year SP) episode, and then on the 1/10 episode.

3) Takki went for Shounen Club recording today, and fans who attended reported that his hair is short and blond. So, either he changed his hair color again, or the earlier report of his hair color was wrong. I think most likely the latter. He performed “Ai Kakumei”, was wearing a white suit, and his ear could be seen :)

Off-topic: Had quite a tough time at work today, but will fight on haha! Looking forward to the team outing (steamboat buffet) this Friday!! Ah, I should go to bed early ne… but before that, I’ll post up another episode of 8jida J first hehe~ otanoshimi ni XD

6 thoughts on “More Takki updates~~

  1. simone says:

    Thanks for the updates. Looking forward to the mag scans, however, they may not show the new haircut.

    I figured the earlier report had to be wrong: even for Takki it seemed too quick a change. I prefer his hair dark, but I can live with it light(at least for a while), it’s the “updo” in front that bothers me. Unfortunately, he never consults me before going to the hair salon…(lol)

  2. first love says:

    Thank you for mich’s updat.New look also tanoshimi.
    White suit * *, Prince Charming ne.
    Tomorrow anan will be released ne.

  3. michelle says:

    sannah~ me too! somehow, i think i’ll like it haha… even the popeye look is alright to me, so any other hairstyles… well, just bring it on, tono!

    simone~ yea, i think the earlier report might be wrong. or maybe it was the lighting… when he was spotted, probably there wasn’t much sunlight, so the blonde-ness didn’t show. ahh, gomen ne, i might not be making sense… my mind has been overworked t__t;

    first love~ yea, tanoshimi! :)

  4. KatSpore says:

    I guess after Popeye scans, minna are chotto more uptight of what is tono hairstyle now yo! LMAO!

    take more rest, lao po! u r really easily tired out recently! not to mention u still got to concentrate on ur work, OT n ur subbed(s)!

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