New 24h Cosme CM!


Check out the latest 24h Cosme CMs! Tono is soooo !@#$%asdfgh….. XDDD
Click onto the official site to view both 15s & 30s versions (first two videos).

And if you haven’t already seen “her”… Well, douzo! fufu~


I’m so glad “she” didn’t appear in the new CM. “She” is all over the huge bilboards and posters in Shibuya and around Japan though. LOL.

5 thoughts on “New 24h Cosme CM!

  1. katya_alex says:

    i loved the way he said “ohayo”. it made my day.
    would it be possible to translate what he said in the cm? thanks a million.

  2. Mimi says:

    It’s more than enough to just have his pretty face (*^_^*)
    But it’s kinda funny how it’s a makeup commercial where he’s talking about how she’s always beautiful (because of the makeup :P) without actually showing her

  3. Reya says:

    I saw it while watching J’Journey today! Doubted my ears for a moment since I didn’t think I’d hear Takki’s voice during CM lol!

  4. Hideakigirl says:

    I have to support Mimi words , I felt such happyness only by watching his gorgeous face , hearing his voice in the CM was a bonus for sure that I didn’t expect … Ohayou!! “that’s the best way to start the morning” it was so adorable , so lucky girl playing with his hair…. Thanks guys …!!

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