New JFC VTR – Solocon

Kyaa! There is a new Takki VTR up at the Johnnys Family Club.

You can watch it online at J-net.

Scroll down on the right, and click on the 滝沢秀明 thumbnail to load the video. Takki’s message is on the upcoming solo cons (his “Takki deshita!” was so cute~), and there rest of it is footage from last year’s Takisama Concert!! So they do have a recording of it ne. And a reminder not to repost any of those VTRs as J-net will suspend the service if found out.

4 Replies to “New JFC VTR – Solocon”

  1. ^o^ waaaahh hahaha as usual takki-sama is sooo cute and super adorable!!!! ^O^

  2. thank so much for sharing!

  3. If they have the records of last year con, then we may post asking for last con’s dvd.

  4. Thanks for this video. I already saw it and he looks beautiful and nice as usually, but he dyed his hair again…i like his new color but black it was better.

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