Please vote for Tono!

Takki is nominated for the Male Lead actor award in the “Nikkan Sports Summer Drama Grand Prix”. They are taking online votes until October 9th. Please vote for Takki here. The deadline is October 9th.

7 Responses to “Please vote for Tono!”

  1. chanmonkey says:

    Voted for Tackey and オルトロスの犬 already!!!

  2. twety17 says:

    Thank you so much dear “michelle” for letting us know about this :)

    I’m so glad that i got the chance to vote in this important poll ^_^

    I’m really really hoping for the drama & my beloved takki (and ryo chan too ^ ^ ) to be appreciated as they deserve and for the result to be satisfying , because the low rating is still killing me :(

    i also voted for Asami – chan ^ ^, she did a good job those last episodes ;)

    i wish best of luck for all of them ^_^

    P.s : May i re-post the link of poll in orthros no inu community to get more votes please?

    Thanks again for keeping us updated ^ ^



  3. clauds says:

    voted straight orthros :D! takki-ryo-asami ;)

  4. tipsy says:

    Just heard that NEWS will release a music live video and in that video there is a special final video directed by Takizawa Hideaki. That sounds very interesting, has any body seen that part of the video which directd by Takki yet?
    Hmm I think you can only vote once right?

  5. chuchu says:

    I’ve already vote 6 times with different emails XD
    it’s ok right?
    the more the better :)

  6. michelle says:

    twety17~ sorry i forgot to reply u. yes, you may post it at the LJ comm :)

    anyway, buzzer beat is now in the lead. orthros is 2nd… according to the staff blog at nikkan.

  7. chuchu says:

    2nd?? no no no
    must keep on voting
    *off to go vote like crazy*

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