[Radio] 滝沢電波城 2010 Summaries

It has been one heck of a year!! But thanks to Denpajou and TakiChannel, we were able to see/hear Takki every week – something that has kept us fans going even through the lowest points of the year. So here is a (VERY long) summary of the most interesting Denpajou tidbits from the later half of 2010. May everyone have a wonderful 2011 and let’s continuing praying for a solo album and drama!

Happy New Year, everyone!!!

[2010.12.18] “Takizawa Train” CHRISTMAS SPECIAL

  • Tono said that he hasn’t been sleeping very well lately. He began searching for a better pillow but it still didn’t seem to help. After an overnight stay during a location shoot, he realized that he was able to fall asleep very quickly in a futon and that the problem perhaps lied in his bed, not the kind of pillow he was using. Since then, Tono has been sleeping in a futon.
  • Tono also fanboy’d about Kyonshi (Chinese vampires). He has liked the drama series since he was a kid and still enjoys watching it. Despite it being an old film, Tono thinks its graphics and the way in which it was filmed was really advanced for its time. His favorite character is Chibikuro, who he says is cute and kakkoii.


  • During the intro, Tono talked about the new song that he has been working on for Kakumei. He said that even after composing seven songs, he was not completely satisfied with any of them. Later, when he finally composed a song that he thought would be great for the ending, he turned it in to Johnny-san, who unfortunately said that he “didn’t understand” the song/lyrics. He’s been working hard on editing since then and according to a recent Takiren, it seems like a new opening and ending song has earned Johnny-san’s approval~ :)
  • During the “Yo! Iro Otoko” corner, Tono talked about his hairdresser, who has been cutting his hair for thirteen years now. Whenever Tono goes in for a cut, he usually doesn’t say, “I want this and that done” because his hairdresser can automatically tell or can read his mind :)
  • During the “Takizawa Train” corner, a listener asked Tono if there is a reason why he has never gotten his ears pierced despite his interest in accessories. Tono said that that is something he gets asked quite often. In the past, he did want to get piercings, but then he realized that doing so would disable him from participating in jidaigeki (historical or period dramas). A samurai with piercings just doesn’t seem right, so Tono decided not to get them and has no intentions of getting them in the future. (zannen… lol)


  • In the intro, Tono mentioned that he had recently produced a wedding for another one of his friends (This is like the fourth wedding? That we know of…). After meeting up for dinner, they went out for some tea and talked about his friend’s upcoming marriage registration. Because his friend didn’t have any money, he didn’t plan on having a wedding. But Tono felt that a wedding is a woman’s once in a lifetime chance to shine and convinced him that with the help of friends, they could make their own wedding. It turned out wonderful, everyone attended the party, and the bride cried throughout the entire event. However, at the end, many people went up to Tono and said “We are also going to have a wedding next year… yoroshiku ne!” LOL
  • Tono got a little sidetracked during the “Takizawa Train” corner as he was talking about what he used to buy with otoshidama money… He and his siblings would usually pitch in their money to buy video game consoles, but Tono would also use it to buy Kyonshi goods and DVDs (yappari ne) which were popular at the time. A DVD box would usually come with a set of three “osatsu” (Pieces of yellow paper with spells written on them. Vampires could be put to sleep if this charm is attached to their foreheads). Tono said that sometimes, he would pretend to be a kyonshi in the middle of the night. He would look in a mirror, stick the osatsu onto his forehead, raise his arms, and grunt “Eh. Eh. Eh.” like a Kyonshi! LOLL! He also mentioned that he recently bought the “Mirai Kyonshi” DVD box set and watched it four times in a row. He also bought the “Reigendoushi” DVD and plans to buy “Yugendoushi” too.


  • During the “Takiteo” corner, Tono talked about his experience with stink bugs. One time, he went on a location shoot for a jidaigeki and he was really tired after the filming. When he finally checked-in to his hotel and plopped down horizontally onto his bed, he saw about 200 stink bugs crawling around the ceiling. He realized that they were all over the floor as well, so he asked for a room change. There were about five stink bugs in the other room, but Tono was too tired to care and fell asleep anyway.
  • In the “Danwashitsu Takizawawa” corner, a listener asked Tono if he believes in UFOs. He said no and that whenever he sees videos of UFO sightings, he would think to himself, “That has got to be CG right?” and “Why would they have their cameras with them at that particular time anyway?” He doesn’t really believe that Nessie (the Loch Ness monster) exists either, but he wouldn’t be surprised if ghosts really exist.
  • Another listener asked if knowing contemporary dance has helped Tono in learning Japanese dance. Tono said that that is simply a common misconception and that only people who do both would understand why. For instance, in contemporary dance, it is all about footwork and the upper part of the body. In Japanese dance, emphasis is placed on the lower part of the body and weight is centered particularly around the waist area. And unlike contemporary dance, their feet must always be touching the floor. In onnagata, in order to make the actor’s shoulders appear smaller, the chest must be pushed out and shoulders must be dropped and pulled back. Also, to appear shorter in height, their knees have to always remain bent.


  • At the beginning of the “Yo! Iro Otoko” corner, Tono talked about the Oyaji-san / owner of the ramen shop that he usually goes to for late-night ramen. Recently, Tono noticed that there is a young part-timer who makes the ramen before the Oyaji-san comes in for his shift at around 11pm to midnight. Like Oyaji-san, the part-timer always looks very serious and has never actually said “Irasshaimase” (Welcome) to Tono. Tono figures that they’re probably related (perhaps father and son). But recently, the “scary” part-timer has become quite shy. One night, as the part-timer was getting ready to leave, Tono couldn’t help but stare at him as he changed into a soccer uniform. When the part-timer left the shop and was about 4-5 meters away, Tono coincidentally looked up and saw the guy looking back at him. All of the sudden, he took a deep bow towards Tono and dashed off LOLLL.
  • Next, Tono talked about Johnny-san and how he usually spends a lot of money at convenience stores (People usually spend a maximum of 2000 yen, but Johnny-san spends about 100,000 yen). Tono explained that back in the Jr days, when the Jrs lived at boarding houses, Johnny-san would take a bunch of them to the convenience store and let them buy everyday necessities like shampoo, food, books, and etc.


  • In the intro, Tono said that he didn’t want to lose against the younger Jrs during the filming of Tokyo Friend Park 2, so he put everything he had into all of the games. Unfortunately, his whole body ached the next day hehehe. Tono noticed that back then, whenever he played sports, his muscles would already begin to hurt at the end of the day. Now, it wouldn’t start hurting until the following night.
  • At the end of “Takizawa Train,” Tono mentioned his grandmother, who apparently is very quiet, nice and still very healthy. He has never seen the angry side of her either. She’s also a great cook and his favorite is the “nimono” (broiled dishes) that she makes. Tono said that although he doesn’t usually give his grandmother any spending money, she does live close to him and he would give her butai or concert videos and CDs whenever there’s a new release. She rarely attends his butais, but she did go to Jinsei Kakumei last year because she’s a fan of Mori-san.


  • In the intro, Tono was describing his recent experience at a wrestling match. He has liked this American pro-wrestling team since he was a kid, so when he found out that they were coming to Japan during their world tour, Tono and his friend bought tickets. Luckily, they got first row tickets, but their seats were also close to the area where fans would try to greet and touch the pro-wrestlers as they enter the arena and make their way to the ring. Tono tried not to stick out too much and tried to contain his excitement, but… he’s only human and like everyone else, he was yelling, pushing and stretching out his hand to touch the pro-wrestlers. “The guards were doing everything in their power to hold us back… (even though) it’s usually the other way around haha~”
  • In “Takizawa Train,” Tono said that he always rehydrates himself whenever he goes backstage. He usually drinks barley tea or green tea that has been diluted with ice. Drinking plain water makes his body thirst for some kind of taste/flavor and drinking only tea would make him even more thirsty. So diluted tea gives him the best of both worlds. Sometimes, he’ll have Coca-Cola or some kind of carbonated drink too.


  • In the intro, Tono said that he was able to create lots of wonderful memories this summer. In private, he went on another “Mecha Holiday.” This is the name of a ritual between Tono and his guy friends that happens once every year (and has been happening for almost a decade). This year, Tono and 12 of his guys went “canyoning,” which involves sliding down and/or jumping off waterfalls (sounds dangerous, but looks really fun!). Tono, at 28, is the youngest of the bunch (most of his friends are in their mid to late 30’s) and he joked about them being a group of 12 middle-aged guys who were kyaaaing and sliding down mini-waterfalls LOL. After the canyoning, they had a BBQ and took a dip in an onsen. There was no one else around, so it was almost as if they had reserved the whole pool. And of course, being men, they were fooling around splashing water at each other XD.


    Tono invited Shimada Shuhei-san as a guest to the show. He is the palm-reading comedian who appeared on Utaban with Tono and Mizukawa Asami-chan during the promotion of Othros no Inu. Shimada-san did another reading for Tono and here were the results :

  • The base of the middle finger represents a person’s destiny in love, fourth finger represents wealth, and the pinky represents career successfulness. The last time they met on Utaban, Tono had a scratch near the base of his thumb which means that he is extraordinary ero! But it also a good sign as it represents vitality, greatness, and good leadership.
  • The horizontal line at the top of the palm is one’s Heart Line. Tono has three く shapes lines attached to the beginning of his Heart Line which means that he’s a humorous person. It also means that Tono has the ability to bring happiness/luck to the people around him. This not only includes his family, friends, and co-workers, but also his fans as well. Basically, we get luckier by going to his concerts or by listening to his songs :)
  • Shimada-san also said that Tono’s ero line is very prominent. This also means that Tono has a kind of special charm and/or magnetism to him (very true!!)
  • Shimada-san also noted that the “thickness” and softness of one’s hands is important. For a long time, people have said that a soft hand is a hand that has a good grasp on money (one who is wealthy). And Tono has very soft and plump hands, despite his skinny appearance. This also means that he is very soft-hearted and faithful.
  • Below the Heart Line is the Head Line. On Tono’s hand, there is a neat cross at the center of his palm, right between the two major lines. This is also known as the “mystery cross” which is a sign of fantastic luck and that one is being protected by some kind of greater power, whether it be a guardian spirit or one’s ancestors.
  • There is also a curved, root-like line near the first joint of Tono’s thumb. This is known as “the Buddha eye” which means that he has strong instincts. It is another sign of good luck.
  • Tono asked if there are any bad features and Shimada-san noted that at the beginning of the Life Line, there are signs of respiratory fatigue or problems in either the throat, lungs, or bronchi. At the end of the Life Line, it shows potential stomach and intestinal problems.
  • Shimada-san also noted the significance in the way that people hold out their hands (before a palm reading). There are three different ways in which this usually happens: 1) fingers are stretched out 2) fingers are closed 3) the middle and ring fingers are either close together or attached. #1 is evidence that the person is living a very stress-free and happy lifestyle. #2 means that the person is currently lacking confidence and is feeling stressed. Tono happened to be #3 (attached), which signifies that there is an overlapping of fatigue.


  • In “Takizawa Train,” Tono said that he has never paid for an auto car wash. He has washed his own car before, but because it’s such a tiring task, he would usually go to the gas station and ask the clerk to wash his car after filling the tank. When asked what the interior of his car smells like, Tono said that he does like to use car fresheners. Tono also said that he drives a tall 4WD car, because it’s easier to drive and see what’s ahead of him. He’ll usually listen to ballads from Kobukuro, Oda Kazumasa, Ozaki Yutaka, and also music from X Japan and N’Sync.
  • Tono said that peeling is too much of a hassle so he prefers to eat peaches, grapes, apples, and pears without peeling the skin off (basically, he’ll eat it as-is unless peeling is necessary! XD). Shrimp is not exception either. Whenever shrimp is served with his yakiniku, it is either too hot for peeling or it will get cold if he waits for it to cool off, so he’ll just take off the head and eat the shrimp with the shell and legs still attached. But among his other weird fetishes, Tono likes to watch as a girl slowly peels a shrimp with her delicate hands (peeling shrimp while also continuing a conversation… ).


  • During “Danwashitsu Takizawawa,” Tono mentioned that his mom doesn’t like to be called “Obaachan” by her grandchildren because it makes her sound old. So the kids will usually call her “Aachan,” and recently, everyone else (including Tono) has been calling her that too.
  • Tono doesn’t like it when a lot of veggies are added to his curry… unless it has all turned mushy or has been cooked until it has all melted down. This is why beef curry is his favorite and is what he orders whenever he goes to a restaurant for curry. He also hates it when lots of unnecessary ingredients are added to his ramen.


  • In “Yo! Iro Otoko,” Tono confessed that he really likes the smell of gasoline. Back in the day, Tono and his siblings would sit in the back of their parents’ car and whenever they stopped at a gas station, Tono would roll down his window and sniffed up the aroma of the gasoline. The smell really calms him down and he likes it so much that he would refuse to roll up his window even when his brother asks him to do so. And recently, there are a lot more self-serve gas stations in Japan, so he’s been really into those lately.
  • In “Takizawa Train,” Tono said that he wasn’t terribly troublesome as a toddler. But according to Yayoi-mama, he would put on his mom’s lipstick and play with her makeup/makeup accessories. As a kid, he didn’t really watch anime and he doesn’t recall ever watching any children’s TV programs.


  • In “Danwashitsu Takizawawa,” a listener asked if Tono had ever felt envious at a wedding and Tono said that whenever he’s helping out as the wedding planner, he’s too distracted by all the behind-the-scenes work, that he has never really had the chance to calmly enjoy or watch the wedding as a guest. The first wedding he had ever attended was the wedding of a staff-san who had always looked after him. But even at his brother and sister’s weddings, he was focused on the reaction of the audience, rather than on his own.
  • Another listener asked if Tono had ever been to a classical concert. Apparently, when he was a kid, he used to go to a concert at least once a week. Everyone in his family loves classical music and they can play various musical instruments. But Tono was the only one who didn’t have such an interest in classical music, but because his whole family would go to these concerts, he had to go as well (but he would usually sleep through the whole thing lol)


  • In the intro, Tono said that he made some new golf buddies and made plans to meet up with them for practice. Amongst the group of beginners, Tono is the only one who has made his golf course debut, so as a result, he has become sort of the “sempai.” Everyone else was working towards a group debut, so they went to a golf driving range to practice. Usually, you have to get a prepaid ball card which could get you 100 golf balls for 3000 yen. Tono was in charge of buying the card and thought that with 8 people, 100 balls might not have been enough. So he bought 500 balls for 10,000 yen. Unfortunately, everyone was taking a break when it was Tono’s turn to practice, so he had to finished hitting the rest of the golf balls… (I guess because he’s the sempai, he didn’t want to look bad for not finishing what he started). The next day, his whole body ached and he had a blister on his arm (coincidentally it was on top of a scar from a previous blister caused by the taiko drumming he did in Kabuki).

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  1. Many thanks for all sharing,
    To all Takki’s fan: Happy New Year!

  2. Thanks fo everything Mich and years of sharing takki tidbits with us. Wishing one and all takki fans around the world A HAPPY NEW YEAR:)

  3. Thank you very much Mich.

    From this radio summaries, I know many Takki’s details.

    Happy thru the whole new year ne, Mich and all Takki’s fans.

  4. Thanks very much for this long post, Mich! I can’t follow Denpajou, so this was a wonderful occasion to catch up.

    I was quite interested to find he listens to Oda Kazumasa. He has a wonderful voice and I like his ballads. Of course I am fond of ballads in general.

  5. this entire post was translated by bon-chan, not me :) it’s my first time reading as well! that’s really a lot of info on tono! arigato, bon-chan! XD

    i can just imagine chibi tono with the yellow paper on his forehead LOL! i used to play kyonshi here too when i was a kid too~ when the kyonshi jumps towards you, u have to freeze and hold your breath LOL! haha, and it seems like tono’s quite a fanboy ne, if he really was yelling and pushing his way towards the pro-wrestlers!! (now he knows how we feel~?)

    thanks so much for sharing these with us, bon-chan! i’m so grateful for these denpajous and the taki channels that kept us sane during the worst times of 2010. i will keep praying for a drama and solo album!!! and hope 2011 will be a better year for us takki fans *hugs*

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