Takizawa Kabuki 2015 Goods Preview & Tidbits

I’ll add more as I find more images and tidbits.


Top, L to R: mini tote bag, pamphlet, hand towel
Bottom, L to R: Takki clearfile, Takki/Mitsu/Yabu clearfile, Takki photosets A & B

(Images source: all from twitter)

A closer look:

pamphlet4 pamphlet2 pamphlet1
pamphlet6 pamphlet12 pamphlet3


Original Photosets: Takizawa A & B
photoseta photosetb

Chopsticks (ohashi)

Folding fan (sensu)

The gold pieces from Nezumi Kozo now comes in 2 types:

Entrance of Shimbashi Enbujo is decorated with a flower arc:

Food menu:

Schedule for 1800 shows

  • Act 1: 6pm to 7.20pm (80mins)
  • Intermission of 30mins
  • Act 2: 7.50pm to 9pm (70mins)

Notes for the show items:

  • Act 1 is divided into Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter segments
  • Oshichi, my favourite Kabuki item from 2008 & 2009, is back!
  • In Act 2, there is a Takki & Kitayama item called “Believe yourself”
  • Act 2 is very much changed this year but there’s a “Yoshitsune battle” segment just before “With Love”.

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