Takki Tidbits

1) It’s 23rd April 2011… which means it’s the 16th anniversary of the day Takizawa Hideaki entered Johnnys Jimusho and started his career as an entertainer. It’s really special that Takki and Yara, who joined the company on the same day in 1995, will perform “Takizawa Kabuki” together at Nissay Theatre today. Fans who’ll attend today’s shows are lucky ne~ Happy 16th anniversary, Takki!! XD

2) Everyone, please check this week’s Taki Channel! It’s a special feature on Takizawa Kabuki!!!! Kyaaaaa!! It shows Takizawa Zachou & the cast of the butai during rehearsals. Kyaaa~~ next week there’ll be even more on Takizawa Kabuki! Tanoshimi~XD

3) The second batch of Takizawa Kabuki stage photos have been released yesterday. Now there are a total of 34 sets on sale. Out of these, there are a total of 10 Takki sets: #1~5 from batch 1 & #16~20 from batch 2.

4) As posted yesterday, the Takizawa Kakumei 2011 DVD will be released on 6/8 :)

One thought on “Takki Tidbits

  1. adidaspanda says:

    haha u are fast gal.
    I didn’t know today is his 16th anniversary. Obviously i don’t understand the language haha.. anyway i’ll email u gals and talk more there. I’m busy doing some calculations right now. Tok again

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