「TOKIO Kakeru」 to be Takizawa Hideaki’s final appearance on Fuji TV

Takizawa Hideaki will be the guest on the episode of TOKIO Kakeru that will air on 19 December, 2018 @ 11pm. This will be his last appearance on a talk/variety bangumi on Fuji TV. Takki said, “It’s not often I have the chance to say it myself to the viewers and fans, but I think it’ll be good if I can convey my current feelings and thoughts on my future via this bangumi.”

The recording was held a few days ago, and Kokubun Taichi opened the show by saying that “Among the many tv programs that Fuji TV offered, Takki chose this bangumi!” to the delight of the TOKIO members. Nagase Tomoya said “I’ll make Takki cry!” but Takki said “I’ve never cried on TV or stage, you know. I will not cry yo”, showing his cool side.

This is the 6th time Takki appeared on this show, and if you count the previous “Mentore G” and “5LDK” shows, it’s his 8th time. The title this time is “Because it’s the last time with Takki, let’s talk as much as we can SP!”. They showed precious footage of Takki recorded on Fuji TV, talked about “Takizawa History” and their various memories. At the end of the show, each member gave Takki their message.

Matsuoka Masahiro met Takki when he was 13 or 14, and he said “At that time, I didn’t think that he would grow up to be like this. Takizawa created a really good era. I hope that he’ll create an even better era from now on.”

Previously on the bangumi, Takki said that Taichi always said to him “let’s go for meals okay?” but he never brought him out to any. So Taichi said “I told him that let’s go eat before the broadcast of this bangumi, and we were trying so hard to match our schedules, but we only managed to make it for lunch, and so we had lunch in  a private room (lol). But during that time, I was able to listen to many things from him, it was a memorable time.”

After the recording, Takki said “It was really fun. I’m glad that my final appearance is with my sempais TOKIO. Apart from (Joshima) Leader, I’ve met up with the rest of the members in private (lol). I hope to be able to meet up with Leader as well from now on (lol).”

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