T&T Mini Album

As mentioned in my previous post, the release date is 16 March 2011.
Here’s the track list of the CD (same for all versions of the album).

Updated 4 Feb 2011:
The title of the album “Trip & Treasure”.

Updated 17 Feb 2011:
Covers added.

Updated 21 Feb 2011:
HMV & Amazon links added.

  1. L.O.V.E
  2. 時間旅行 (Time Tour)
  3. スポットライト (Spotlight)
  5. Billions of You
  6. シーサイドロマンス (Seaside Romance)
  7. Luv The Shangri-La
  8. 山手線外回り (Yamanote Line Outer Loop)
  9. 花華~僕とあなた~/滝沢秀明
    Flower Blossom ~ Me and you ~ / Takizawa Hideaki
    *Lyrics by Takizawa Hideaki, melody by Tokunaga Hideaki
  10. Chance to Dance / Imai Tsubasa

And here are the different versions:

First Press Limited Ed.
[CD+DVD] – Jacket A
Price: 3,400yen (incl. tax)
– DVD (~30mins) contains Music Clips & Off Shots
for “時間旅行” & “山手線外回”
Pre-order @ CDJapan | HMV | Amazon

First Press Limited Hard Cover Ed.
[CD] – Jacket B

Price: 3,200yen (incl. tax)
– Hard cover photo collection of the two
in a “TRIP & TREASURE” concept
Pre-order @ CDJapan | HMV | Amazon

Regular Ed.
[CD] – Jacket C

Price: 2,625yen (incl. tax)
Pre-order @ CDJapan | HMV | Amazon

Takitsuba shop @ mu-mo will be giving away exclusive gifts if you purchase A, B or C from them from 4pm today till 17 Mar, 11.59pm (Japan time). The special gift hasn’t been decided yet.

I’m looking forward to Takki’s solo song~~XD

9 thoughts on “T&T Mini Album

  1. PUI says:

    I almost sceem out loud when I saw Hideaki Tokunaga’s name.

    I am his fan too, he has really great voice, but I don’t know his composer ability.

    But when the 2 great Hideaki work together, this must be really great song ne.

  2. simone says:

    I agree as well about this solo song. I head heard before that Takki likes Tokunaga’s music.

    I would just be elated if this were on a Takki mini-album, also, more Takki solos!

  3. Lili says:

    Thank you so much dear Michelle for always sharing the great news ^O^ <3
    and for always keep us updated,really appreciate your hard work <3,and wish you the best in all you do ^ ^

    i can't wait for my copy to arrive ^____^

    By the way dear,Amazon & HMV links are up as well ;)

    sorry for any disturbance *shy*

    Thanks again for everything <3
    Have a lovely day ^O^

  4. b-fly says:

    Thanks a lot for sharing this!

    I’m curious about this one. I laughed so hard at the “Yamanote line outer loop” song. XD Yamanote is such an important metro line. ^^

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