You have reached my little shrine dedicated to Takizawa Hideaki, also known as Takki or Tackey. This is my way of showing all my Takki!LOVE. You’ll find my graphics, screen captures, audio files, rants, some news and possibly music videos in the future? Who knows? Hope you enjoy your stay here :)

2 thoughts on “Hajimemashite!

  1. akatsuru01 says:

    Omedetou, *Mic-chan*!! You’ve successfully done yourself a website on Takki, ne? =) Niiiiice! (love the pic, btw…lolz…thanx to me) Don’t forget to credit, ne? I got it from Hadaka.de forum.

    Anyway, I’m a member now…couldn’t resist! =) lolz

    Well, good luck on your new website and look forward to many memories here with you. ^. ~

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