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[Clip] Romeo & Juliet CM

This is the commercial for the 2-night Shakespeare Dramas Special. It has super duper short scenes from R&J, which is the 2nd night’s drama. I love the very first R&J scene in this clip where Takki Romeo was talking, sounded so sad ne. And erm, I think he was calling “Juli” but it does sound like “Juliet”? I burst out laughing when I heard that fufufu~~


Download here (4.84MB)

Thanks, you-know-who! (^^)

Clips: Satomi Hakkenden (Making Of)

Juz some clips I extracted from one of the making of shows of Satomi Hakkenden.. Was it TV Navi? or.. I can’t remember. Anyway, I only extracted the more ‘interesting’ parts (which are the Takki parts lol~), so here are short clips of Takki at the airport in China, taking the bus to filming location, and some of the filming of the rooftop scene etc.


Download @ MF [re-uploaded again on 1 April 2012]:
Part 1 (27MB)
Part 2 (27MB)
Part 3 (45MB)

Enjoy~ xD

[Video] Yoshitsune (Making Of) Clip

Here is a clip I ripped from my Yoshitsune DVD (Making Of Extras). It was the final filming of the last episode, in September 2005. Actually some of the actors cried while making their wrap-up speech… It was quite emotional coz it’s like they are sad (that it’s ending soon) and also happy (relieved that it’s over) at the same time… ahh.. dunno how to describe!

The dvd ripper that i downloaded lets me rip only 5 mins, so i only extracted Takki’s bit (With chinese subtitles. Includes Takki’s speech, the director and staff’s speeches.) *Warning: Our Takki-sama cried here so if u have a weakness for things like this, dun watch lol…. **Not to worry, there are no spoilers in this clip so you can watch it even if you haven’t finished the drama :)

Download clip @ MU (49MB)



And it’s interesting that the very first frame of the clip is:


[EDIT:] Removed the SS link coz it’s expired. Added the MU link in its place :) Also, maybe I should mention that this seems to be the ONLY TIME we see Takki cry in real life. He isn’t the sort who shed tears easily, probably that’s why Yoshitsune means so much to him ^-^

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