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[Scans] Myojo 03/2005

I love 2005 era!! Shanao-sama… Yoshitsune-sama…

myojo0503-takizawahideaki-01.jpg myojo0503-takizawahideaki-02.jpg myojo0503-takizawahideaki-03.jpg myojo0503-takizawahideaki-04.jpg myojo0503-takizawahideaki-05.jpg

I want a Takki drama…

[Scans] Myojo 07/2004

Dream Boy Takizawa Hideaki :)
And this was also about the time when filming for Yoshitsune first started ne~

myojo0407-takizawahideaki-01.jpg myojo0407-takizawahideaki-02.jpg myojo0407-takizawahideaki-03.jpg myojo0407-takizawahideaki-04.jpg

Happy Valentine’s Day! ♥

[Scans] Shuukan The Television 12/2, 2005

More Yoshitsune-sama! I love this photoshoot!! Especially the 2nd scan where he poses with the knife! Even though I don’t like the hairstyle, he still looks so kakkoii to me ~XD

shuukantv051202-01.jpg shuukantv051202-02.jpg shuukantv051202-03.jpg shuukantv051202-04.jpg shuukantv051202-05.jpg

And it’s 1/2 hr more to Tono’s bday (Japan time) ~♥ 1-1/2 hrs more, my time…

Iya, seriously I never really thought of what I should do, apart from posting scans and subs. I just know that for the first time in a long while, I’m actually looking forward to a Monday :)

[Scans] Shuukan The Television 2/4, 2005

And Saturday went by just like this lol. I like this photoshoot! And there’s a pic of hadaka Yoshitsune-sama covering his chikkubi hehe~ Enjoy! :)

shuukantv050204-01.jpg shuukantv050204-02.jpg shuukantv050204-03.jpg shuukantv050204-05.jpg shuukantv050204-04.jpg

2 more days ~♥

[Scan] TV Navi 03/2005

Yet another cover mag featuring Yoshitsune. This time it’s the first few episodes of the drama i.e. beginning of 2005. And actually, this morning I was so bored in office that I randomly picked an episode of Yoshitsune to watch… And ended up sniffing right at my desk! >.<

tvnavi0503-01.jpg tvnavi0503-02.jpg tvnavi0503-03.jpg tvnavi0503-04.jpg
tvnavi0503-05.jpg tvnavi0503-07.jpg tvnavi0503-06.jpg tvnavi0503-08.jpg

And not sure if it’s yesterday or today, but… Happy Birthday, Yayoi-sama! Thank you once again for giving birth to such a fine and special son!! ^^

6 more days~♥

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