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Here is a clip I ripped from my Yoshitsune DVD (Making Of Extras). It was the final filming of the last episode, in September 2005. Actually some of the actors cried while making their wrap-up speech… It was quite emotional coz it’s like they are sad (that it’s ending soon) and also happy (relieved that it’s over) at the same time… ahh.. dunno how to describe!

The dvd ripper that i downloaded lets me rip only 5 mins, so i only extracted Takki’s bit (With chinese subtitles. Includes Takki’s speech, the director and staff’s speeches.) *Warning: Our Takki-sama cried here so if u have a weakness for things like this, dun watch lol…. **Not to worry, there are no spoilers in this clip so you can watch it even if you haven’t finished the drama :)

Download clip @ MU (49MB)



And it’s interesting that the very first frame of the clip is:


[EDIT:] Removed the SS link coz it’s expired. Added the MU link in its place :) Also, maybe I should mention that this seems to be the ONLY TIME we see Takki cry in real life. He isn’t the sort who shed tears easily, probably that’s why Yoshitsune means so much to him ^-^

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  1. michelle says:

    Reiko-chan, this is from the MAKING OF, not the drama itself :)

    this part of the clip was AFTER takki filmed his final scene for the last episode. it was 7AM in the morning by the time they wrapped up~ it started off with jiro’s (who’s also the director?) final scene filming at 2pm the day before, and carried on with “kani”, yoshisa, kisanta, benkei and finally, yoshitsune at 6AM.

    it seemed like takki was there for throughout coz he gave them flowers after each completed their filming… so he & the crew have stayed up all night, must be really taihen ne~~

  2. shuduck says:

    it’s only included in the dvd right?
    do u hv d yoshitune extras? hmm..i tell u more whn we mit up k.
    thanks alot for the ss link..it nv fail u ?(do u still take 21 times 2 ul??keke)

    yes yes, i received msgs frm Ling..meet tis sun ok? sat i needa go tampines paiseh gal.

  3. shuduck says:

    I tink i asked alot pple b4..this qn..
    u noe i recently went ter dig out more old info of takki in his 98-02 period dark ages keke

    i find those info about him so cute.!!!wah..so much loh.

    anyway my qn is,

    do u prefer him in satomi hakkenden or yoshitune..i m referring to the ZHAO XING….style..

  4. ribi says:

    Yo! Michelle, am grabbing it. I have no time to reply to your email today but will do so soon.. tomorrow! ^^

    I’m still at work, that’s why… it’s tearing me away from TxT love… *grrrr*

    By the way, I’ve started watching Yoshitsune and can you believe it? Takki has not even appeared and I am TOTALLY besotted by the plot! ^_____^

  5. michelle says:

    shuduck: ya, the dvd box includes the special features. this clip was from one of the specials. when we meet, we can discuss more & also about the 98-02 period la~

    as for zao xing rite, it depends on what he wears lor. i like yoshitsune in that white band and his hair is let down (like in the screencaps here – very pretty lor). Also like shanao juz before he had his manhood rite — tat suit also very nice, not forgetting the white robe shanao too. as for satoken, i only like his image towards the end, when he’s wearing the blue warrior suit with a head band thing. kakoii~~

    ribi: gomen for being so lor saw hehe, take ur time la… so late still working ah? btw, u free to meet up this wkend (wif wribbit & shuduck & hopefully loracyn & her friend as well)? hee..

    yay, u started on yoshitsune! so u must be either on ep1 or 2? the story is quite interesting and gripping at times~ can really get quite sucked into the whole heian period, lol~

  6. ribi says:

    Ah, Michelle, you’re not lor saw at all, I love reading your emails. ^^

    And yesh, I am at Episode 4 of Yoshitsune now (Takki has finally appeared ~kawaiiiii!~) and gosh, it’s getting so interesting! I can’t wait to find out how he’s gonna transform Minamoto-no-Yoshitsune though it’s probably a long long way more!

    Which day (Sat or Sun?) and what time are you guys meeting?
    Coz I am actually so strapped for time even though I really want to meet up – I’m planning on making Tsuba’s birthday card and writing STYLE concert report so maybe cannot make it. Sigh…
    If it’s for an hour or two, I think can squeeze in the time! ^^

  7. ryther says:

    second cap…*me die*

    that super cute face,can anyone belief he is 24?He looks like he was in Mokuyou no kaidan, and that was whut? 10 years ago? He was 14 back then, still no major changes and he just look more and more handsomer?rofl~

    I’m taking!I tear up at nearly each eps-and I don’t think I can watch TAKIZAWA HIDEAKI CRY FOR REAL….I’ll cry too

  8. shuduck says:

    Ho!Takky is calling u!.u’ve opened up another route 2 icon business *ahem coughs (= not by me hor..although my ‘shutakky’ name sounds abit similar..((=

    seems like u be gettin rili busy! ((= i oredi tried leaving comments on loracyn’s blog,askin if she is ok w joining us this sun anot..hope she can..hw abt ur side?
    hv wribbit given u my hp no yet? hehe

    okok, i m gg dig the old takki site of 98-02 n place d links on my blog entry as usual.chck out if u hv time bah (=

  9. michelle says:

    Ho!Takky: sure, go ahead and use them~ as for credit, u can use one of our site buttons, or a text link back to takki.us will do :) nice name hehe!!

    ribi: ep4.. so he’s still shanao ya? heh.. enjoy the drama~~ hope u’ll be able to complete tsuba’s bday card, then can meet with me & wribbit & shuduck :)

    ryther: T&T were so kawaii in mokuyou no kaidan! hehe, wow, they have come a long way from there ya? i only hv ep.1&2, do u have others? ahh.. ya, i think i’ve NEVER SEEN takki cry in real life before! this is probably the first and only time lor~~

    shuduck: lol ya i bz la.. the client layout haven even start. and i’m supposed to be capping zubari! i emailed u my no. liao~ sms me la hehe… so u ask loracyn already? hope she can go lor.. if she nv reply, i’ll msg her k~

  10. ryther says:

    I watched second part and it’s not even all.You got the eps on CD?I rent it here,so I can’t rip it since I’ve got no idea how..

    indeed.I tear up when I listened to all the comments that the producer’s,director’s and staff’s comment on him..He is,one amazing actor.His Yoshitsune character..is so vivid-that’s why he is respected now in Japan.People only thought that he has a pretty face with no talent..

  11. shuduck says:




  12. michelle says:

    ryther, yea i think yoshitsune has earned him some respect from ppl who only thought of him as only a pretty face~ so glad he decided to take on the challenge of this taiga. ahh.. i only have 2 epis of mokuyou.. if u want them, i can ul :)

    shuduck, i smsed loracyn already but she hasn’t replied lei.. actually not really freelancing coz i only have one job so far lol but i’m juz paid a lil lor~ *racks brain*

  13. shuduck says:

    huh ah..haiz..nw jobs in sg sux!!!get so lowly paid..T_T i duno..i hope my new job in yr end wun sux..)= bt i m sorta prepared la. been like this so long le.

    ehh..not really freelancing????
    btw, wht mokuyou>?

  14. shuduck says:

    gosh. he really looked drained frm year of yoshitsune filming. but the efforts are definitly paid off. he looked v.happy and satisfied.and of course,his emotional growth is v.clearly shown.(=

    T A K K I N U S !

  15. michelle says:

    mokuyou no kaidan = ghost stories on thursdays… (i think, u know how bad my jap is ya). but it’s the 1995 drama that 13 yr old takki and 14 yr old tsuba acted in keke.. they were so KAWAII la~~~

    yea, it’s freelancing yet i’m not actively looking for more clients coz cannot take the workload la~ agree! sg jobs sux….:(

  16. shuduck says:

    i see..i tink i heard of tht b4..i actuali forgot chibi txt acted inside be4 in it..currently i m coping w d chibi-younger days of txt..seem realy cute n innocent.takes me into dreamland again yo! ^^

    dun be so unhappy,cheer up. i tink u will start saving up money again 4 their upcoming 5th anniversary!!! let’s work hard 2gether yo. Jiayou ((=

  17. Sandy says:

    megaupload cannot use in Hong Kong, may be block this site. “This service is temporarily not available from your service area.”

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