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T&T @ Music Station 3Hr SP 2007.10.05


It’s so nice to hear it again… T&T sang the verses live. YumeMo was nice and catchy~ Venus is just a song they have to add hehehehe…


T&T look really neat in red! Yuki-chan Takki looks very fair and pretty~~ At the end of the medley, they flashed a huge “Tackey & Tsubasa” followed by “5th Anniversary” on the screens behind.

And erm, wat was the KMF2 pulling off their tops for? lol~~ I like KMF2, but it’s chotto funny to do that on a Msute SP haha… MatsuJun looked very happy in the clip hahaaa. Maybe he went for beer with Takki after the SP… And Takki did THAT “walking down” THING at the end of the clip bwahahahahahahahahaha… BAKAKKI!! XD……… He did it before during this Shounen Club deshou, after his “Meri-Kurisumasu”! :)

Download .001 | .002 (124.36MB)

Ho!Summer Re-uploads (Part 5)

Here’s 3 more clips from the Ho!Summer rush last year~~~ 

Utawara 2006.08.13 (Talk, Ho!Summer)
Ah~ sou, T&T are Arashi’s sempai. I’m always quite confused when it comes to Arashi, coz although they’re younger, they debuted 3 years before T&T, yet Takki was their leader and even directed their first PV. Ah~ they also talked abit about NO BORDER, then it was the Ho!Summer performance. I love their t-shirts~!


Download here (94.84MB)

Music Station 2006.08.18 (Ho!Summer)
This is my favourite performance of Ho!Summer, coz they did it on the round stage, surrounded by fans. It looks more fun than the rest of the performances. And their t-shirts are really nice~~


Download here (85.3MB)

I don’t think I have the AVI of this talk segment though, does anyone have it??

Channel@ 2006.08.21
Thanks, Glenda, for this! Ah~ the rainy boys~ this is the beach event again. Backstage interview and some short footage from the TV Guide cover photoshoot & a radio show at the start. T&T under umbrellas… Was that Takki waving to some passersby?


Download here (91.38MB)

That about settles it for the August 2006 Ho!Summer clips~! I’ll work on more soon haaa…

Ho!Summer Re-uploads (Part 4)

Seems like there’s really no event for 9.11 ne.. It’s already the 10th~~~!! Minna, please request at Avex for T&T to have their own bangumi! Anyway, here’s a continuation of the re-upload of Ho!Summer clips. I think I didn’t post these up last time, so, in case you’re missing them, douzo~

Zoomin 2006.08.10 (Baseball Event)
This is the same event as this post ^_^ Btw, the photos from this event are probably one of the nicest Takki photos ever taken! Those candid shots of him~ and THAT PARTICULAR side view pic of him is probably his most perfect photo (*~*)


Download here (43.45MB)

Music Station 2006.08.11 (T&T – Opening, Ho!Summer)
T&T and SMAP on the same Music Station. Kimtaku does the Ho!Summer handsign too. And Takki’s biceps *kya* with that arm band thing that I like hehe~ ^_^


Download .001 | .002 (198.38MB)

Ahhh~~~ Monday blues again…

T&T @ Music Station 2007.08.10

WOW!!! SUGEEEE!!!! What an ~ interesting ~ episode!!! Am I not supposed to spoil it too?? Some of us have guessed it right, as to what’s so “special” about this appearance ne. Tsubasa in Osaka, Takki in Tokyo. Go figure! ^_^ But the way it was presented is really really cool!! This is my favourite SAMURAI performance so far (out of…2?). The very first scene already looked so cool! And the first few lines were sang *live* ^^ The background, VTR, backdancers, everything was really really cool! and HOT too!! Ya, Takki looks HOT!!!!!!!! Those delicious looking biceps ~*@@*~


Download here (98.29MB)

Am I the only one who feels that Takki’s eyes looked a bit wet/red at the end & he looks chotto unhappy?

[Clip] T&T @ Music Station 2007.04.27

I really like the X~Dame performance this time. Love the flashing “X”es on that famous MS long screen behind, plus the surrounding fans in that famous MS circle stage! Kawaii ne~ And Takki looks so kakkoii he’s totally X~Dame (i.e. not~Dame) at all


Download here (142.72MB)

Before that, there was a super short talk segment – which cannot really be considered a talk coz there wasn’t much ne~ Kinki Kids were seated behind them (eh, I like how Tsuyoshi was dressed heh). And there was Oda Youji as well. Does Tsubasa really look like him? *ponders*


Download the talk here (32MB)

Going off to study now!! Maybe I’ll do 2 lessons, then come back for a “break” lol ~ btw, that’s the lamest excuse my bro uses when he doesn’t want to study~ and continue with the final 2 lessons again… But… Ganbarimasu!!!! I must not fail the test tomorrow!!

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