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Tackey @ Music Station 2009.05.08

Takki was the 2nd guest to perform tonight. He talked about the body painting for the jackets~ LOL he was actually lying down while the paint went across his chikubi… for 2 hrs hahaha… He also sang the first verse live. And there were so many backdancers!

Music Station Takki Shalala

Oh, he looked so serious at the end! (0-0)

DL: MU or MF (72.15MB)

Takki @ Music Station 2009.01.16

Takki finally explains to the “public” the origins of the dialogue in the song (he was told by Johnny-san to “talk” coz it was boring lol), and how the “LOVE” between “woman and man” is read as “Kakumei”. The singers sitting behind almost all went “Ohhh~~” at the same time, as they looked at the “Kakumei” words on the stage. A guy right at the back was explaining to his partner with hand actions too :) Takki says this is “Johnnys World” XD

Takizawa Hideaki - Ai Kakumei at Msute

File size: 145.31MB

Download (MU): 001 | 002
Download (MF): 001 | 002

Takki @ Music Station 2008.11.14

Yay~ HQ!! Grabbed from clubbox. There may be HDTV version soon, but for now, this 640×360 is good enough for me hehe~

Takki on Music Station singing Ai Kakumei

Download MU / MF (98.11MB)

Music Station 2008.06.06

[Edited: HQ file of the Talk & Koi Uta Performance uploaded]

I made it back in time for this! And the connection was quite smooth :)

It seems like Takki really did have his hair coloured at the salon earlier today. It still looks dark, but not as black as in Utaban? Or are my eyes playing tricks on me? hehe~ But whatever the hair color, Takki looks CHOU KAKKOII!!!!!! I love that white shirt!! (and that necklace again!!! It’s on my header image too desho!) I think he wore that shirt before during X~Dame promo? Or something similar to that~ but I love the black strip in the middle, where the buttons are. I thought the grey vest fit it really well! Tono looks really good today!!


As they counted down to the show, the female host talked to T&T, about travelling overseas etc etc. Then the camera introduced all the guests for the day. All of them pointed to each other lol~ and when it finally came to T&T, Takki at first looked serious, then suddenly, he also started pointing to Tsubasa lol


Download LQ here (avi, 7.89mb)

T&T @ MSSL 2007.12.21

This was the first ever time I saw Takki on TV LIVE! I’ve been to Japan twice before this, and never seen him on TV. Somehow I would just miss it (Zubari, news clips, CMs and what nots), but this year, we were lucky! The moment we checked into the hotel, Music Station Super Live was on air already~ and T&T appeared soon after!


Download the talk segment here (44.94MB)

The performance was super kakkoii!!!! Takki’s sleeves were kinda rolled up again and I love his white belt!!! *hehe* At the end of the performance, Takki bowed to the audience :D


Download the SAMURAI performance here (71.09MB)

After returning from our ramen dinner, we turned on the TV to watch the end of MSSP, and not sure WHAT was calling us, the moment I looked up at the TV, Takki’s FUNNY FACE appeared!! Stephie and I just so happened to turn to look at that very moment, and we screamed out at the same time!!!! LOL!!!


Download this cute part here (5.4MB)

Just noticed that Takki’s t-shirt at the end is white in colour but the one during the talk & performance was black!

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