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Music Station 2010.11.26

In this cut — the opening bit, Ai wa Takaramono performance, the talk about Takki being fully hadaka in hotel rooms, and the ending. A total of 7mins 26s.

Download 704×396 from MF (87.33mb, divx)

Music Japan 2010.11.28

This is from today’s Music Japan on NHK. Most of T&T’s parts were recorded ok. The opening bit to Ai wa Takaramono performance and then the bit after that went well too. But there was a bit after that that’s missing from this clip as my connection froze. Hopefully I can find a HQ soon.

Updated 11/30:
Download 720×404 from MF (156.15mb, avi)

SCP SP 2010.08.19

This is a short clip of Takki recommending TOKIO’s “Love You Only”, which he performed with Taichi-kun back in 2006. This file was resized and cut from the one Jiwelly posted in the forum. Thanks! Although it’s the BS2 broadcast, quality is still alright for keeps.

Download from MF (9.97MB, 704×480, 52s)

SCP 2010.08.27 – [Works] Tackey Resort

Sorry for the delay. I don’t think I’ll be able to find the HD version so I’m posting this one. This was the Works corner of the Shounen Club Premium episode on 27th August (BS2), Tackey Summer Concert 2010 report. It’s a short one, but they did show Kareha no Kage and the “trip & fall” lol~

Download from MF (63.18mb, 720×480)

[SD] Takki @ Shounen Club 2010.08.24

The first broadcast was on 13th August, on BS2. But this file was recorded on BShi, broadcast on 24th August. Thanks to puppeteer8 for sharing it on Shokura LJ, I’ve extracted only Takki’s part and re-encoded it at 704×396.

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