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[HD/SD] Takki @ Shounen Club 2010.08.17

Just so as not to confuse anyone, this is the digital broadcast of the Shounen Club episode where Takki performed “Kareha no Kage” (analog broadcast on BS2 was on 6th August, posted here). As I mentioned in the earlier post, Takki performed “Ho! Summer” at the beginning, had a talk followed by Kareha no Kage, and finally ended the episode with “Shalala”.

I converted these files from the .ts files provided by sakuraishobaby (39~).There are two versions each, 1280×720 [HD] and 720×480 [SD]. As these are encoded from the digital version from BShi, quality is definitely better than the analog one I posted earlier.

  • Opening: Ho! Summer
  • Duration: 3min 47s
  • HD (112.52MB) / SD (58.08MB)

ho summer


SC 2010.08.06 – Talk, Kareha no Kage

Takki appeared three times during last week’s Shounen Club (aired 6th August on BS2) – midway through the opening during “Ho! Summer”, then for the talk and “Kareha no Kage” performance, and at the end to perform “Shalala”. But from the clip I have, I can only extract this part. I’ll try to add a HD version if it’s available (when it’s aired on BShi).

Here is the talk session (it was sweet when a Jr fan shouted “Thank you” to Takki for taking care of Kis-my-ft2 and ABC-Z) and the subsequent performance of “Kareha no Kage” (枯葉の影 aka Shadow of Dried Leaf – lyrics by Takki). This version is similar to Takizawa Kakumei 2010’s. But I prefer this one as I didn’t really like whatever he was wearing in Kakumei *runs*


[Subs] SCP 2010.06.18 – Takki x Yara (Talk)

It’s been a long time since we saw Takki, so I was really looking forward to this. When he first appeared and smiled, I melted hehe~ and wow, that low V-neck shirt lol. He was really modest and well-mannered as usual. And I love hearing about his directing concepts. But I couldn’t help kyaa-ing out when he did that thing to his lips at the end hehe~

The Shounen Club Premium, 18th June 2010
Takizawa Hideaki x Yara Tomoyuki (Talk)
VTR message: Nishikido Ryo
Duration: 27mins 33s
Translated by Marie, subbed by Mich

DL from MEGA (702×480, 263.84MB) *updated 11 Jan, 2015

This video was quite tough to sub due to the overlapping talk and on-screen text. It might look a little messy, but I’ve color-coded each speaker for easier viewing. Hope it helps ;) Thanks to Irene for letting me into your house to watch this hehe~ Also, thanks to enshinge & ohmiya_sg for being so nice and cool about it ;)  And of course, loads of hugs & kisses to Marie for wanting to translate this in the first place~ ♥

SCP 2010.05.25 – Takizawa Kabuki

Takizawa Kabuki stage report on Shounen Club Premium. Just in case you are puzzled about the dates, on 5/21 was the BS2 broadcast, and 5/25 was the BShi (HD) broadcast. As this was opening day footage, the plaster on Takki’s eyebrow was quite obvious.


Takki @ Shounen Club 2009.11.01

Takki sang 3 songs. I love the episode opening of “We can do! We can go!” (hearing the intro just brings me to the old Jr time~), then the song suddenly switched to “Hikari Hitotsu”! Kakkoii! I really like Kis-my-ft2 backdancing for “Hikari Hitotsu”, and I also love whatever Takki’s wearing~ But he looked really tired~~~~ v_v; I wonder if he slept at all the night before… But he still looked so dashing!!! Lol~

colorful tackey
(After creating this screencap image, I realised it kinda suits the theme of the epi lol)


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