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[Subs] Music Japan 2009.05.03

Here are english subs for just the talk segment of Music Japan on 3rd May. 2 versions to choose from.

Music Japan, 3rd May 2009
Takizawa Hideaki – “Shalala” Promo
Duration: 2min 02s
Subbed by Mich & Bon

Music Japan 20090503 Tackey Subs

360p (44.01mb) or 720p (106.86mb) *updated 1 Feb, 2015

Thanks, nyanco, for helping with some of the words. And thanks, love, for the HD raw file.

Tackey @ Utaban 2009.05.10

Takki was guest on this 2-hr Tokuban SP. They played back many VTRs over the years, and Takki commented on some of them, like on Arashi and Matchy-san. “Shalala” was performed somewhere at the end. Sugoi ne! I love the female dancers, and whatever they were wearing~~ I think it matches Tono best so far. This performance was really neat, and I love the very last close-up shot. Definitely my favourite Shalala performance on TV so far :)

Tokuban 20090510

1) DL (640×360): MU or MF (82.49MB) – avi, missing the Aiba talk
2) DL (720×480): (MU) 001 | 002 | 003mpeg, complete takki parts
Or (MF) 001 | 002 | 003 (201.36MB)
3) DL (704×396): MU) 001 | 002avi, complete takki parts
Or (MF) 001 | 002 (157.45MB)

Tackey @ Music Station 2009.05.08

Takki was the 2nd guest to perform tonight. He talked about the body painting for the jackets~ LOL he was actually lying down while the paint went across his chikubi… for 2 hrs hahaha… He also sang the first verse live. And there were so many backdancers!

Music Station Takki Shalala

Oh, he looked so serious at the end! (0-0)

DL: MU or MF (72.15MB)

Tackey @ Music Japan 2009.05.03

I love that little talk before the performance~ it’s cute and funny! Takki was really otona-ppoi ne~ He’s so mature, cool and calm, yet cute at the same time. Love all his little reactions :D It’s also refreshing to see him perform Shalala without backdancers. If only he had also performed Mugen no Hane…

Takizawa Hideaki - Talk and Shalala

DL: MU or MF (57.16MB)

Not sure why, but I especially love his talking voice in this clip.

Tackey @ Shounen Club 2009.05.03

KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!! Although the best and sexiest part of Mugen no Hane (the 5-in-a-column move, hats throwing, catching, dancing with hands in pockets, and hips move) weren’t included in this performance, I’m sooooo happy just to be able to see him dance this Enbujo’09 version again~

Takizawa Hideaki - Shalala, Mugen no Hane (Shounen Club 090503)

DL: MU or MF (77.9MB)

I’m opening part of the Downloads section just for this Shalala rush. They will be locked again when charting is over. Please support Takki by purchasing the original CDs!! Onegaishimasu m(_ _)m

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