Mugen no Hane

[Report] Takizawa Kabuki – Act 1

Duration of Act 1: Approx. 1hr 20mins Shows & Seats: 4/25 Eve: 2nd Floor C (Right side) 4/26 Day: 1st Floor K (Centre block, left) 4/27 Eve: 1st Floor H (Centre block, slightly right) 5/2 Eve: 1st Floor J (Absolute centre!) The H seat was perhaps my best, followed closely by the J. There were […]

[Report] 滝様コンサート’09 – Part 2

Sorry, I kinda rushed through this, coz I really have to post it before the drama starts. Even so, it’s really long *lol* and filled with loads of endless flailing, but that was exactly the way I was during the concert haha~ yoroshiku ne! XD Continuation from Part 1 ▷ Baddies VTR A fly-like (LOL) […]

Tackey @ Shounen Club 2009.05.03

KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!! Although the best and sexiest part of Mugen no Hane (the 5-in-a-column move, hats throwing, catching, dancing with hands in pockets, and hips move) weren’t included in this performance, I’m sooooo happy just to be able to see him dance this Enbujo’09 version again~ DL: MU or MF (77.9MB) I’m opening part of the […]

Takki Tidbits

Avex has updated with information on Tackey shop‘s encore sales. And yes,  “Tegami” (手紙) is only found in the SP Tackey Shop Limited Edition CD, and not in Jacket C. The 3rd song in Jacket C is called “YOU Yacchainayo!!” (YOUやっちゃいなよ!!). Seems like it’s a phrase typical of Johnny-san’s LOL… Sou, this time there’ll be […]

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