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[Radio] 滝沢電波城 2009.07.18

Here’s the latest Takizawa Denpajou – 18th July 2009:

Download from MU or MF
(Credit: 黄叶风骨, MP3, 25.35MB)

Takki talked a bit about the solocon, flying, golf and the filming of the Takiranger VTR~! He often took the Keio line (the train that Takiranger took in the VTR) in the past. I also hope that Takiranger themesong will be released in a CD! Please include the Takiranger VTR as a bonus DVD too haha~ Someone also wrote in for the Lounge Takizawawa corner, that on 14th August, Takki will be exactly 10,000 days old. When he’s 54, he’ll be 20,000 days old. Omoshiroi ne~

[Radio] Recomen 2009.05.07

Takki was guest on Yoko & Hina’s radio show “Recomen” on 7th May. If you’re interested to listen and/or keep, here’s a recording of the program. Thanks, zoe! :)

Recomen 7th May 2009
Duration: 01h 30m 21s
File: mp3, 82.73mb
Download from MU or MF
*Credit to ayanami05

Enshinge has translated this episode. You can read it here.

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