New J-net VTR!

*Please DO NOT upload the video to streaming sites like Youtube, etc* http://www.johnnys-net.jp/j/info_01_mov_takizawa_100514.html I think this was filmed in Nissay Theatre. TakiRanger was with YaraRanger and ABC-Z. His message was “Takizawa Kabuki, and Takizawa Kakumei. Everyone, please come and play again next year! We’ll be waiting! Yaaaayyyy~~” ^^


The media was present at the Childrens Day Special show of Takizawa Kabuki yesterday. As I didn’t check my email or the bbs after touching down, I didn’t know there were news clips shown on wideshows this morning, until I got to office… and hence I only managed to record this one short clip shown […]

[Scans] Korette Shinsen desu ne Vol. 72~77

Finally scanned these 6 volumes of the Tokyo Walker essay :) Think I’ve mentioned before, that the paper quality is really good and thick now, but somehow the scans always turn out looking “furry” lol~ I really love these recent issues ne. Takki looks cute rolling the dough~ and his expression trying on the souchou […]

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