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[Radio] Recomen 2009.09.24

Sorry, I think I left this out. Takki was guest on Yoko & Hina’s radio show on 9/24, and here’s a recording of the program if you’re interested.

Recomen, 24th Sep 2009
DL: MU or MF (92.08mb)

Credit to ayanami05 :)

[Scans] TV Guide 7/17

The first two are on “Orthros no Inu” (Takki in white looks so yasashii~ maybe it’s just me but his hands seem to be doing the “wan wan” pose hehe~)

Orthros no Inu Orthros no Inu Orthros no Inu

And the next two: first one is on on Takisama Concert ’09, and the final one – where Takki’s drinking from a milk bottle – is on Takki’s guest appearance on Recomen at the start of the year (he was the first guest Hina & Yoko had this year) :D

Tackey Summer Concert 09 Tackey on Recomen Tackey on Recomen

[EDIT] Gomen, I missed out 2 pages! One is of Orthros no Inu (there’s a small pic of Takki in white with a guy, and a natsu otoko chart… Ryuuzaki is the ultimate COOL guy yo! XD). And the other scan is of Takki’s 2nd appearance on Recomen in May.

[Radio] Recomen 2009.05.07

Takki was guest on Yoko & Hina’s radio show “Recomen” on 7th May. If you’re interested to listen and/or keep, here’s a recording of the program. Thanks, zoe! :)

Recomen 7th May 2009
Duration: 01h 30m 21s
File: mp3, 82.73mb
Download from MU or MF
*Credit to ayanami05

Enshinge has translated this episode. You can read it here.

[Scans] TV Guide 1/23, Shuukan The Television No.3

I could finally look at the Takizawa Kakumei reports from TV Guide and Weekly The Television! There’s also a page in TV Guide on Yoko & Hina’s “Recomen” on 1st Jan, where Takki was guest. Tono looks so kakkoii in his track wear & hat XD

Shuukan The TV 1/23 (No. 3)

Takizawa Kakumei - Johnnys Countdown 2008 to 2009 Takizawa Hideaki in Takizawa Kakumei

TV Guide 1/23

Takizawa Hideaki in Recomen with Hina and Yoko Tackey in Takizawa Kakumei Stage Report Takki in Ai Kakumei Event

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