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Takirev’10: Day 6 (Shinjuku – Odaiba)

Sorry, I’m going back to January again this year, as I have to complete that trip log before starting on the most recent one. But dun worry, I’ll continue to work on the Takizawa Kabuki goods and show reports in the meantime…


[Scans] TV Kids No.13, 1999

Ok, goodies for today~

Takki was on the cover of “TV Kids” No. 13, 1999. He looks so good in the Majo no Jouken pages! And there’s a small pic of a ‘bald’ him holding a Yamapi uchiwa, and another one holding a kewpie doll LOL!

tvkids1999no13-01-takki.jpg tvkids1999no13-02-takki.jpg tvkids1999no13-04-takki.jpg tvkids1999no13-03-takki.jpg
tvkids1999no13-06-takki.jpg tvkids1999no13-05-takki.jpg tvkids1999no13-07-takki.jpg tvkids1999no13-08-offshots.jpg
tvkids1999no13-09-misc.jpg tvkids1999no13-10-misc.jpg

25 more days ~♥

[Scans] Popolo 07/1999

And the countdown to Tono’s birthday continues…

Here’s Popolo July 1999. Majo no Jouken was such a hit back then ne – even in Singapore! It swept everything — the lead actor, lead actress, drama, theme song, best couple! Just look at the amount of coverage :)

popolo9907-01-takki.jpg popolo9907-03-takki.jpg popolo9907-02-takki.jpg popolo9907-05-takki.jpg popolo9907-04-takki.jpg
popolo9907-07-hikaru.jpg popolo9907-06-hikaru.jpg popolo9907-09-hikaru.jpg popolo9907-08-hikaru.jpg popolo9907-11-hikaru.jpg
popolo9907-10-hikaru.jpg popolo9907-12-hikaru.jpg popolo9907-13-drama.jpg popolo9907-14-drama.jpg popolo9907-19-misc.jpg
popolo9907-15-drama.jpg popolo9907-16-offshot.jpg popolo9907-17-jrcon.jpg popolo9907-18-misc.jpg

Thanks to Majo no Jouken that I first set my eyes on Takki and liked him since then. This drama will always be special to me. I hope you enjoy the scans~ I love those behind the scenes pics! Takki & Nanako held hands even during rehearsals :)

27 more days ~♥

[Scans] TV Kids No.8, 1999

Merry Christmas!! Here are scans from more than 10 years ago, April 1999.

Takizawa Hideaki and Matsushima Nanako Takizawa Hideaki and Matsushima Nanako Takizawa Hideaki Takizawa Hideaki
Takizawa Hideaki and Matsushima Nanako Takizawa Hideaki Takizawa Hideaki
tvkids99no8-07.jpg tvkids99no8-09.jpg tvkids99no8-08.jpg

Hope everyone’s having a great Christmas! XD

Takki Tidbits

1) Majo no Jouken will re-run on TBS, starting 6/23 (9.55am).

2) According to J-net, Takki will be in “Digital TV Guide” (Aug’09, released 6/24).

3) According to the Shounen Club Premium site, there will be a Takki stage report in the next episode – 7/19 (Sunday) on BS2 (6pm), or 7/21 on BShi (5pm). Should be for Takisama concert…

4) On that topic again, please request at Avex for the DVD ne! It’s only 5 days to opening show!! We MUST have that eroero dance on DVD! XDD

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