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We are back from Japan, and trying to get as much rest as possible while battling the love sickness :/ Before working on our own show reports, here’s a very quick post on some of the clips and newspaper reports of THE Hachioji solo concert held on 12 August!


[LQ] ZIP 2012.01.04 – Takizawa Kakumei

This is all I managed to record from yesterday morning’s WS. I was too drained to watch so left them to record and went to bed. For some reason, only NTV’s came out smooth *shrugs*

Download from MF (LQ, 3min 20s, divx)

I read an article about some trouble during the 1/3 show. Seems like a staff was injured midway through Act 1 and the show was stopped for 12 mins. This staff-san was sent to the hospital, and Takki apologised to the audience after that. Let’s hope there’ll be no more injuries to the Kakumei team. May each show be smooth!

As mentioned in our tadaima post, we are both really busy now so updates will not be as fast as we would have liked, but we’ll try our best ne~ yoroshiku onegaishimasu m(_ _)m

[WS] Takizawa Kakumei 2012 Press Con

Here are the clips I managed to catch this morning. NTV had really good coverage with Oha!4, ZIP and PON! :)

Oha!4 & ZIP (NTV)

MU / MF (27.74mb, divx, 6min 15s)


Marching J Charity Baseball News 2011.05.30

Only managed to catch these few clips this morning before rushing to work~


WS 2011.04.13 Takizawa Kabuki

Here are the news clips which I caught this morning. This time, there was quite a lot of coverage on Takizawa Kabuki, and even an exclusive interview in Zip! I LOVE Tono in that black kirakira suit!

i @ MF / MU
(3.3mb, 46s)


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