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Takizawa Kakumei WS Clips 2010.01.04

Finally managed to check through my recordings. Here are the news clips shown this morning on Fuji TV, NTV and TBS. I couldn’t connect to TV Asahi… so that’s all I’ve got. As usual, the quality is really bad (_ _;)


News clips 2009.09.24

I totally forgot about WS clips this morning, so I didn’t catch any. But Takki (yesterday’s event) was reported on Mezamashi, Yajiuma Plus and Asa-zuba. This clip from Asa-zuba was recorded and edited by Nyanco! 39~ XD

asa zuba

Download from MF or MU (15.03MB)

We’ll continue to look for more clips and add them here if we can find…

Takizawa Kakumei & Jinsei Kakumei (09.09.09)

Footage of the press conference for” Shinshun Takizawa Kakumei” and “Shinshun Jinsei Kakumei” yesterday was shown on various wideshows this morning. Was channel switching like crazy once again lol…

Mezamashi News (Fuji TV)
Shown 3 times this morning. I missed the one on Mezanyu I think. But they showed footage of 13 yr old Takki with Mori-san on stage.

Takki and Mori Mitsuko


情報7daysニュースキャスター 2009.07.18

A veeeery short clip (20s only!) of Takki pressing the “switch” to open the 夏 Sacas’09 Sacas Water Park event today. But cho kawaii~ especially when he was looking up at the water thing. Like a little boy hehehe~~

Takki at Sacas09 Water Park Opening

DL (LQ) from MU or MF (avi, 1.34MB)

Wan Wan goods still not on sale over there.

Asa-zuba & Hiru-obi 2009.07.09

Asa-zuba 2009.07.09

There was a very short clip of yesterday’s prayer session.

tackey orthros no inu

Download from MU or MF (4.74mb, wmv)


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