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News Reports 2010.04.06

Got up early today to watch the news, and saw it three times on Zoom In, once on Mezamashi, and once on Super Morning. His pretty face, please recover soon… And when I saw the hadaka drums scene… OMG *喷血*

I missed Tokudane and Sukkiri. And then I had to come to work.

Then, Wide Scramble rocks!! So 4D flying is like that! And hadaka + suit + hat! *喷血 again* but I can’t edit my recording here, so I’ll post that file later at home.

[Update @ 6.30pm: file added.]


More from Takizawa Kabuki Press Conference!

Managed to catch a few clips this morning. Sorry I could only edit them when I’m back from work~ Anyway, here are some random notes first :)

  • The press conference took place at Imperial Hotel.
  • Of course, this is Takki’s first time as stage director/producer.
  • Takizawa Kabuki will be a “Renewal Version” of Takizawa Enbujo.
  • Instead of Yoshitsune, Takki will play Taira no Masakado (sort of evil role).
  • There are plans to do 4D-flying.
  • There’ll be a short horror film produced/directed by Takki, like last year!
  • There’ll be special sajiki-seats in the front row.
  • There will be no female dancers or actresses, all cast are male.
  • There will be “love” between onnagata Takki and Yara (MA).


Takizawa Kabuki Press Conference 2010.02.22

The press conference for Takizawa Kabuki was held today, and so far, there was a short report shown on Fuji TV’s evening news. Takki’s hair is back to black, and it’s shorter than we last saw him! He looks so smart in that grey suit!

Takizawa Kabuki 2010


人生革命 千秋楽 WS 2010.02.08

Got up really early this morning *is zombified* but managed to catch some of the news clips~ this is for Saturday’s senshuuraku of Jinsei Kakumei, and there’s a presscon after that. Mori-san said Takki is always yasashi~ and not only yasashi but she always feels protected by him :)


Jinsei Kakumei WS Clips 2010.01.09

The connection was really terrible… and I feel asleep halfway through, so this was all I caught – 2 Zoom In Saturday clips and 1 Mezamashi Saturday clip. Last night, Irene told me she saw the news on NHK, and fans reported that it was on NTV too. This morning, fan reports said it was shown on Osama no Brunch.

takki and mori no micchan

LQ, 320×240
MU / MF (19.75MB)

I combined all into one clip, so it’s easier. In the Mezamashi clip, although it’s only for a second or so, I think that was the part where Takki teared up a little… while singing. Reports will be posted soon…

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