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Takki & Kyoko Fukada

I dreamt of them last night then I saw the news clip today… kawaiiiii ne… I love how Kyoko gave Takki a bear hug!! He looked really happy, that smile… Ahh.. I think I’m just so super deprived of new Takki dramas… I want more… onegai!!!!


Then and Now: Just thought it’d be fun to post up a pic of them abt 6 years ago heee…. They both have grown up alot, matured a lot, and even the way they talk… not the “loud” and “act cute” type of voice anymore? Ah, okok, in case you haven’t downloaded it yet, here’s the news clip from yesterday’s Zoomin.


Download here (9MB)

[Clip] Takki’s R&J Drama SP Preview

Takki’s latest Shakespeare drama special, Romeo & Juliet!! OMG~~~ ok I shan’t say more, but I wannnnaaaa watch it like NOW!!!! I soooo miss watching Takki’s dramas! But the girl… eh… okay… not as kawaii as Surumi-chan! But… her legs… wahahahahaha~~~ Okay, I won’t comment until I watch it…


Download @ MU (16MB)

I love Takki’s image in this one, casual wear and I love his hair~~~

2U4U Album Event

KAKKOI!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But Ho! Summer looks quite funny done in suits heh…


Takki keeps flashing his ^^ smile kekeke… KAWAAIII~~~ HIS HAIR IS SO NICE!!!!! AHHHHH *faints* what’s this thing about “Special Venus”? *badly needs translator*


Is it juz me? Does anyone else feel that Takki does the furitsukes a bit differently?~ the shoulder movement – more sexy! LOL~ I don’t know how to describe it, it’s this move here (look at the pic below)!


[Zoomin 20061115] T&T – 2U4U Album Event
Download @ SS (18MB)

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