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Still haven’t gotten my Enbujo08 DVD!! It left Japan already 2 nights ago, but only out for local delivery this morning. Singpost really suxxxx…. ahhh, we should have gone by Amazon coz they use FedEx! Usually they send in the afternoon, but this time they chose to go in the morning when no one’s around. So I called them to ask for a re-delivery but was told that they can only redeliver 2 days later! WTH!


Rant, rant, rant…

Just received an important and *urgent* task to be completed by this Friday. And there’ll be a follow up with more tasks based on this task to be done by next Friday. I’m clueless about Starlight! Arrghh… (this is a “work” issue, so juz ignore if you don’t understand hehe).

I think I’d have to come to work earlier everyday to get things done faster. I have to do this properly, otherwise I don’t see how I can even ask if I can take a few days off in April… And I’ve still got my reports, subbing and translations… I’m not as busy as Tono, but I think… I AM BUSY LOL. And this Saturday is Valentine’s Day! I haven’t bought anything. I don’t know what to buy!! LOL

Kino has increased their prices. Duet now costs S$15.80. Wink Up & Potato are now S$16.10 each *FAINTS*. The minimum 5 mags a month now probably costs 10 bucks more than usual. And recently there’s the stage mags, TV mags, Ori-suta, and female mags, blahblah… The yen is still so high! Air tix are expensive, butai tix are more expensive! There’s a pay freeze and I’m not sure if our jobs are stable. I’ve also stopped taking Japanese lessons coz it’s too expensive.

Apart from $$, a bigger problem I’m facing is… SPACE! There’s hardly any walking space left now in my room LOL. I really need to do something about it. When I have time (maybe I have to FIND some time~), I have to cut out the T&T pages and file them. Anyone knows anyone interested in buying 2006/7/8/9-ish magazine clippings of any other JE groups/Jrs/artistes (Arashi, KATTUN, Kanjani8, NEWS, Kinki Kids, V6, TOKIO, SMAP, Toma, ABC, Kis-My-Ft, Ya-Ya-Yah, HSJ, etc etc etc…)? Drop me an email if you do! — Thank you!

Hungry. LOL. Time for lunch! XD

Kyaaa~~~ Tono & strawberries!! ^^

This morning, I saw a birthday mail from Azuki! A real tangible snail-mail yo! I was surprised ne~ totally didn’t expect it, since I already received a drawing online on my bday! When I took the card out from the cute envelope (Azuki, I love those little Azukicons ^^), I was kyaaing already, coz Tono with his cat smile was staring at me with a bday cake!

Tono wish me Happy Birthday!

But when I opened the card…..


5th Nov is almost over…

My bf is in Switzerland at the moment. This should be the first time I spend a bday without him ne *sobs* But I had a great day with Kat today! We spent like 8hours together? LOL! And there was Takki to “keep me company”, coz we watched the Making of R&J, the Making of Yukichan, and finally Episodes 23 & 24 of Yoshitsune. I also had dinner over at their place. Tanoshikatta!


Kimi Raikkonen F2008!

Yay~ I got my first 1:18 Kimi Raikkonen model today!

Kimi Raikkonen F2008

The previous one I had was a small model (1:43 I think) of Kimi in McLaren, which is sitting pretty in my display at home lol… I was accompanying my bf to the shop today, but as the Red Bull he wanted wasn’t in yet, he didn’t buy anything. Instead, I was the one who bought LOL! I think Ferrari’s disaster yesterday made me want it more…

Was thinking if I should buy the F2007 model (which is the car Kimi drove to his World championship title last year), or the F2008 model (which is this year’s car, most likely not world champion lol~ but his car no. is “1” which is special to me, and this year’s color is metallic red instead of orange). In the end, I went for the latter, since there’s also a nice pic of him behind plus a signature… After everything, it costs me $115. Man, that shop owner had taken a photo with Kimi and Hamilton too, and even had them signed… So lucky!

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