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So high… I can still kyaaaa like mad now once I recall things from the shows… But I just got back, our flight landed about 4 hrs ago. Loads of emails to check, files to download, stuff to post, things to sort out… I hope I’ll be posting this thing called ‘report’ soon lol… It’s already 9.15pm, and with the state my eyes are in now i.e. half-closed, I doubt I can last past midnight XDDD

We did it after all *LOL*

…and bought a ticket for our extra show… not supposed to have any shows today, but we couldn’t resist… I know I HAVE to see “Mugen no Hane” as many times as possible! And “Sha La La” too! And that VTR! And the drums beating! And the make up scene, Tottsu singing Sha La La, the shadow scene, the adlibs, etc etc etc…. But I know each time I see a show, I have to endure a few minutes of sniffing towards the end… Watching close up with binocs, the expressions of Tono and Tottsu, one is sure to be moved ne. If you’re going for Enbujo’09, please do not forget to bring your binocs!

We wanted to check out if the 1st Floor 3rd row seats were still available at the Harajuku shop, but when we got there at about 12pm, we found that it’s already sold out. Of coz, who wouldn’t grab it when the price was reduced to only 49,000 yen for 2 tix! The boss at the shop told us they are left with only 1 tix at 2nd Floor 4th row, but there are 2 of us, so he kindly helped us to call their Shibuya branch. And hora~ there’re 2 tix for 2nd Floor 5th row (2nd last row) center, selling for only 5,000 yen each! The price was drastically reduced since it’s the last day hour!! Mind you, the show starts at 1pm!

Quickly, we paid for our tix, and ran/walked really fast to Harajuku station – through that crowd! It was the usual Takeshitadori crowd, so you can imagine how hard it is to get through the entire mountain of people!! By the time we reached the train pavement, we were panting… Then we took a stop down to Shibuya – again it’s “mountain people mountain sea” – and walked through that famous X-junction, found the shop with the help of a small map the boss gave us. Hurriedly grabbed our tix, back to the station, and then realised we didn’t know how to get to Higashiginza from there LOL. So we had to ask the train station guy, and after another chicken-and-duck talk, and changing trains twice, we finally got to Higashiginza. Up the stairs, through the streets and 2 traffic lights, around the building, into the theatre, to the toilet, and straight to our seats (which were right in the middle and had a superb view of the whole stage!). It was only a couple of minutes before Hiromi walked in with his violin… *Phew* We made it! XDDD

We didn’t even have time to eat before the show, so we ate our rice rolls (my nattou roll) during the intermission. And it was only after that that we noticed there were new stage photos!! We had run past them at the beginning lol… There are 20 stage photos in this first batch – 12 Takki and 8 Jrs (one per Jr). Number 2 is chou kakkoii ne!!! No. 2 (hitting drum), 3 (holding camera), 6 (chuushingura) & 12 (happy days segment) are new costumes, the rest were worn last year. But I also love the one of Ushiwaka – Tono looked like he was on the verge of tears u_u; Apart from that, the photo album (1,000yen each) is added to the goods list.

This is Mich who has been Mugen no Hane-ing the entire night… Kat’s asleep now by the way, so she’ll have no chance to abuse my blog fufufufu~~

Mich in ShaLaLa land! =p

We just came back from another sugoi performance! And btw, this is Kat. =) Mich faint from excessive kyaaing because we are sitting at 1st floor 4th roll today! It’s really different from yesterday view! Zen Zen! We are suffering from major nosebleed in Act1 and major sobbing fest in Act2! Now I realise that the seatings made a huge difference! Mich can’t stop shalala’ing! and the hand act! When we reach the last stop, we realised we are the only one left on the train! We are so caught up in our conversation that the stop just reach in a zit! Mich is so hyper that the samui kaze is JUST a cooling breeze to her! You can imagine what the close up views are doing to her brain! *pat pat mich’s brain-san* Oh btw, I don’t know Takki is a super pain-killer to Mich-chan! He can take away any discomfort she felt just by staring intensely at Totsu!!! =DDDD And needless to say the bloody scene and the “With Love” performance where he took our breathe away all at once!

Ok! I shall stop abusing her blog and take my shower! hahahah.. lol.. should we see one more show?

Rise of the machines (again)

Just when my external HDD decided to die on me, my laptop also decided to have a revolution (maybe coz it’s named kotakki~)! It decided not to boot up last night, no matter how I tried (with battery only, with power only, plugging out all usb cables, restarting, shutting down and then restarting, etc). Seems like it’s the same problem as last year… so, motherboard has gone bonkers ne. I can’t remember if it’s still under warranty. Got to check tonight… Sigh.. all my files are in there! My unfinished subbed files… Utaban, Kokuchisezu, Taiyou wa shizumanai…. I dunno if they can be saved or not…

This site’s problem isn’t fully solved as well, that’s also why I haven’t been posting as much as I would have liked. I wanna upgrade WP, but don’t have the time to do it… got to back up all files plus database, then replace with new files, test if the theme fits, test if the old posts work, test if the plugins work, etc etc etc… too much work. It has to be a manual upgrade since I’m using an old version. And now without a laptop, needless to say, it’s MURI…

Anyway, this doesn’t really has anything to do with machines, but I’ve been slowly reducing the thickness of my old magazines, and ended up with 2 chipped nails! Only 6 magazines down, XXX more to go LOL. Now I have 2 fingernails which are as short as my skin, and 8 which are long lol… looks really awful!

Ah, and I saw Kulala’s calender scans and KYAA-ed out at this particular picture where he’s wearing an orange t-shirt. It’s not that I liked what he was wearing, but Tono’s face was so beautiful!! I love the offshots~ So cute!!! And Bon-chan has translated some questions from the LOVE Q&A BOOK. Some of Takki’s answers are really quite… interesting~ XD

JLPT3 results!!

Grammar: 95/100, Listening: 87/100, Vocab: 193/200. Total: 375/400
Slightly lesser than last year’s but I’m really really happy~ :D:D:D:D

Thanks to Tono for giving me the motivation haha~ I think the last minute mugging really helped. And although I scored a point lesser than the previous year’s for Listening, I’m happier coz this time it wasn’t by ‘luck’ haha XD Now I’m not so sure if I can take JLPT2 this year. It’s like such a huge difference between levels 3 & 2 ne. Maybe I should buy some study books or something to see how the standard is for level 2 first… then decide if I want to take it this year or not.

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