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[Report] Takizawa Kakumei 2011 – Act 2

I took so long to write this ne…. but I told myself I had to finish it before the DVD release haha! It was rather rushed, but I was quite surprised I could still remember a lot of it. Also, I can’t seem to find pics for the beginning of Act 2, so gomen, all the pics seem to be cluttered at the end lol~~

Continued from Act 1

Scene #1: Once again, the forest of Kumano

Konno-kun talked about Newton’s predictions etc, and Hidejiji descended from 2nd floor right to the left of the stage. I always looked forward to this part… coz Hidejiji was always sooooo cute!!! Many times he slowly lifted his right hand with a “peace” sign while his left held on to his walking stick… There was minimal movement with his body and often, he just stared at the audience with a straight (but really cute) face :)

During my final show, he was so near to me coz I was sitting at the first row of the 2nd floor, on the right!! Kyaaa~ the fans around me were all giggling coz he was so cute~ his eyes were sparkling! ^^

After he landed on the stage, during our first show, he bowed to the man in black (who took off the cable for him), like saying “thank you” lol~ and then walked towards the center of the stage.


[Report] Takizawa Kabuki 2011 – Act 2

Continued from my Act 1 report

Takizawa Film: Prologue to Masakado

This year’s narration was by Nikki-san. I could recognise his voice straightaway! Couldn’t tell who’s the actor coz his face wasn’t shown clearly. Actually this year’s short film wasn’t scary to me at all. The scariest is still the one that was shown in Takizawa Enbujo 2009, where Takki and Luckys (Kitayama, Fujigaya, Tottsu and Kawai) traveled through the tunnel, narration by Matchy-san. If only that one could be kept on DVD…

① Masadako must die ~ Assasination of Yukihira

Taroumaru stood on the stage, and took the katana blade, many people running around behind him. The character of Taroumaru this year wasn’t a major one, and for all shows I watched, 3 times the role was played by Kishi Yuta, and once (on 4/10 day show) it was played by Inoue Mizuki.


[Report] Takizawa Kabuki 2011 – Act 1

This time, I attended 4 shows, and I didn’t get a fantastic seat like last yr’s 1F-H. But it’s not too bad as Nissay is a really small theatre. I watched the opening show alone, and the rest of the shows with Kat & Snuffles.

08 April 18:00: 2F-F centre [Opening show]
09 April 18:00: 2F-C centre
10 April 13:00: 1F-N left
10 April 18:00: 2F-I centre

Anyway, the stage setting was similar to last year’s, with the red opera curtains spread across its surface. What’s missing is the gramophone in the centre. And there was no Dominic and Jeremiah (black American guys) this year to open the show. Instead there was a clown that came out and ‘played’ with the audience before the show started. He’d throw balls to & receive them back, then finally he descended down the front extended stage (really quickly, lol).


[Report] Takizawa Kabuki 2011 – Goods

Finished watching my last Takizawa Kabuki 2011 show just now.

It’s already 2.30am but will make this a quick post, as I have to start packing hehe. I need to think of how to stuff everything into the luggage lol~ First off, well, this is not a “goods”, but we finally had the Takizawa Kabuki Bento Set (1,000yen)! I ate about 90% of it during the intermission of the first show, and then the remaining 10% during the intermission of the 2nd show :)


[Report] Takizawa Kabuki 2011 – Venue

Greetings from Takkiland! It’s past 3am and I’m still awake lol~

I couldn’t bear to give up the opening show after all, so I bought a ticket few hours before and attended the opening show (8 April 2011, 18:00). This year, there is a “Takizawa Kabuki 2011 Bento Set” for sale at 1,000yen, but I haven’t had hands to buy it yet lol~ so I’ll post that one later :)

Let’s start off with the venue as usual — Nissay Theatre, Tokyo :)

Nissay Theatre

I was there really early, so I went to a nearby cafe and sat there for about an hour. Then I went back to the theatre entrance, and started taking pics of posters, signs, and stuff… while waiting for the doors to open.


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