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[Report] Tackey Resort Event 2010 – Part 1

ただいま!☆ タッキーリゾート建築中見学会行ってきました!★

Iya, it was a last minute decision, and we bought our air tickets to Japan only a few days before the event. It’s such a short trip yo~ I really miss Takki so much now!!! I’ll talk about the event venue and goods first ne, and then the event itself in another post… coz I need time to recap haha…


Kabuki Trip ’10: Day 5 (Shinjuku – Shimbashi – Odaiba)


This day we were supposed to go Disneyland, first time for both bf-san and myself, but due to the weather forecast (that it’ll rain the whole day), I switched the plan around, and decided to push Disneyland to a day later. Early in the morning, we had breakfast at the hotel. As usual, my favourite was the egg. But I loved the toasted bread with margarine too! (The picture doesn’t look appetising lol)


Kabuki Trip ’10: Day 3 & 4 (Shibuya – Ueno – Asakusa – Ginza)


After the afternoon show of Takizawa Kabuki, I met up with Bf-san at Harajuku. He was shopping around while I was watching Takki :) We proceeded to Shibuya for lunch, and chanced upon this restaurant called Negishi. The food was delicious, and supposedly healthy as well.


Kabuki Trip ’10: Day 2 (Harajuku – Ginza)


After having breakfast at the hotel, we left for Harajuku. But by the time we got there, it was already about 10.30am. I had to take a queue no. from the guy at the bridge. It said, to come back at noon.


Kabuki Trip ’10: Day 1 (Singapore – Tokyo – Yokohama)

Now that I’m done with the butai reports, I can finally start to talk about my trip. It was my first trip with bf-san to Japan, and our 3rd trip together. But this was his first time to Japan so again I played tour guide heh~ Over the 10 days or so, I re-visited places, but also went to places for the first time. It was perhaps the most ‘exciting’ trip, literally – thanks to the rollercoasters lol


Dad & youngest bro sent us off at T3, and we had a late dinner at The Pasta Shop. Then we went in to the departure hall…


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