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[Scans] RAY Magazine

My scanner was finally put to good use again, after a year of being ‘in the dust’ literally~ I only had that small amount of space left on my hard disk (ok I’ll have to burn all the files to CD b4 freeing up more space for scans)… so with that tiny bit of space left, I decided on scanning the RAY 09/2006 mag, which happens to be the most expensive mag I ever bought ($18.70 for 3 pages of TxT! = > $6 for each page!) xD

ray-sept06-1.jpg ray-sept06-2.jpg ray-sept06-3.jpg

But for all the KAKKOII-ness, it’s worth it!!! Enjoy~~ :)

[Scans] Popolo & Myojo Sept 06

Heya, I’ve added all the SUPER HOT Ho! Summer (Saipan PV Shoot) scans from Popolo and Myojo September 2006 issues to the gallery. All credit to BNS for the scans!

myojo-sept06-1.jpg myojo-sept06-2.jpg myojo-sept06-3.jpg
myojo-sept06-4.jpg myojo-sept06-5.jpg myojo-sept06-6.jpg

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