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[Scans] Myojo & Popolo 06/2011

I received my June to September clippings last week, so will try to post them all asap~
Here are the first two mags from June.

Myojo June 2011

myojo1106-01.jpg myojo1106-02.jpg myojo1106-03.jpg

Popolo June 2011

popolo1106-01.jpg popolo1106-02.jpg popolo1106-03.jpg popolo1106-04.jpg

Although the color is dull, I love the Myojo set.

[Scans] Duet, Potato, Wink Up, Myojo 05/2011

Potato 05/2011
My favourite of the May mags~ Kawaii! The offshots too ^^

potato201105-01.jpg potato201105-02.jpg potato201105-03.jpg potato201105-04.jpg potato201105-05.jpg

Duet 05/2011
About Takizawa Kabuki cast members.

duet201105-01.jpg duet201105-02.jpg duet201105-03.jpg

Wink Up 05/2011

wu201105-01.jpg wu201105-02.jpg wu201105-03.jpg

Myojo 05/2011
I only scanned the 10,000 word essay for this mag.

myojo201105-01.jpg myojo201105-02.jpg myojo201105-03.jpg myojo201105-04.jpg myojo201105-05.jpg

[Scans] Myojo 04/2011

This will be the only of the 5 main April mags that I’ll be posting. Found it interesting as Tono talks about Yuma and ABC-Z in Takizawa Kakumei, and gives them rating out of 100pts. Lol~ Yuma got cut 15pts because of a erm… liver sashimi incident? fufu~ And Tsukada has full marks!

myojo201104-01.jpg myojo201104-02.jpg myojo201104-03.jpg

And yay~ it’s Friday tomorrow! The weekend is approaching~^^

[Scans] Myojo, Popolo 03/2011

More Shinshun Takizawa Kakumei 2011 stage reports!!!!

Myojo 03/2011

myojo201103-01.jpg myojo201103-02.jpg myojo201103-03.jpg

Popolo 03/2011

popolo201103-01.jpg popolo201103-02.jpg popolo201103-03.jpg

Sigh, the day is almost over, and I’ve a meeting tomorrow morning in town~ 頑張らなきゃ行けない! But for now, back to my report~ I’m almost done!!! Hideakkkiiiiiii~~~~ ♥

[Scans] Myojo, Popolo 02/2011

It’s a public holiday today, so I’ll be posting quite a bit, hopefully hehe~

Myojo 02/2011

myojo201102-01.jpg myojo201102-02.jpg myojo201102-03.jpg myojo201102-04.jpg

Popolo 02/2011

popolo201102-01.jpg popolo201102-02.jpg popolo201102-03.jpg

I love that 3rd page in Myojo! His smile… ^ ^

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