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[Scans] Myojo & Popolo 06/2011

I received my June to September clippings last week, so will try to post them all asap~
Here are the first two mags from June.

Myojo June 2011

myojo1106-01.jpg myojo1106-02.jpg myojo1106-03.jpg

Popolo June 2011

popolo1106-01.jpg popolo1106-02.jpg popolo1106-03.jpg popolo1106-04.jpg

Although the color is dull, I love the Myojo set.

[Scans] Myojo, Popolo 03/2011

More Shinshun Takizawa Kakumei 2011 stage reports!!!!

Myojo 03/2011

myojo201103-01.jpg myojo201103-02.jpg myojo201103-03.jpg

Popolo 03/2011

popolo201103-01.jpg popolo201103-02.jpg popolo201103-03.jpg

Sigh, the day is almost over, and I’ve a meeting tomorrow morning in town~ 頑張らなきゃ行けない! But for now, back to my report~ I’m almost done!!! Hideakkkiiiiiii~~~~ ♥

[Scans] Myojo, Popolo 02/2011

It’s a public holiday today, so I’ll be posting quite a bit, hopefully hehe~

Myojo 02/2011

myojo201102-01.jpg myojo201102-02.jpg myojo201102-03.jpg myojo201102-04.jpg

Popolo 02/2011

popolo201102-01.jpg popolo201102-02.jpg popolo201102-03.jpg

I love that 3rd page in Myojo! His smile… ^ ^

[Scans] Myojo & Popolo 10/2010

Myojo Oct 2010

myojo1010-1.jpg myojo1010-2.jpg myojo1010-3.jpg

Popolo Oct 2010
Love that huge pic on the last page… and the ones on the right of the 2nd page too.
Ah, and that “oh” expression hahaha

popolo1010-1.jpg popolo1010-2.jpg popolo1010-3.jpg

Sorry, there isn’t much to update recently. But GO WATCH TAKI CHANNEL #14!! Tono appeared again!! YATTA!!! It’s always the best when he appears! Kawaiii~~~~XD

[Scans] Myojo & Popolo 09/2010

Myojo September 2010

KYAA!!! Both dishes look soooo good!! Ever since seeing how Takki handled vegetables in NHK Studio Park, I’ve always wanted to try the dish out myself. I LOVE FOOD. And that “Takizawa Pasta” looks really good!! Maybe I should try it out one day ne, follow his instructions! Some of Takki’s expressions here are priceless wahaha~

myojo1009-01.jpg myojo1009-02.jpg myojo1009-03.jpg

Popolo September 2010

Interesting thing he said about the encounter with horses, being similar to falling in love with a person… Somehow, Tono on a horse always reminds me of Yoshitsune-sama. I feel that he rides horses beautifully~

popolo1009-01.jpg popolo1009-02.jpg popolo1009-03.jpg

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