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滝沢連合 第422章

Takizawa Rengou Vol. 422 22 Jan [Q22] (Juunigatsu no Hana, Hokkaido, Chief Clerk, Female) Hello, Souchou. You are always so stylish and handsome, but when is it that you’d think “Today I look really cool~”? I’m going to watch Takizawa Kakumei. Looking forward to it~ [A22] I don’t do that! I don’t look at the […]

滝沢連合 第419章

Takizawa Rengou Vol. 419 19 Jan [Q19] (Nyanko, Saitama Prefecture, Sales, Female) Hajimemashite! Question ★ It’s been decided that you’ll be going to a deserted island, and you can only bring one item with you! Takki, what will you bring? Please also state your reason! [A19] I’ll bring a boat And use it to come […]

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