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Takki Tidbits: 300th Takizawa Kabuki & Takirens

1) Today’s show (16th April, 6pm) is the 300th Takizawa Kabuki show. The production started as “Takizawa Enbujo” in 2006 and was renamed “Takizawa Kabuki” in 2010 when it relocated to Nissay Theatre. Time flies ne… this is already the 3rd and final year at Nissay. 殿, 300回おめでとうございます! 2) Takki updated Takiren yesterday. In Takizawa Rengou Vol. 516, Tono […]

滝沢連合 第423章

Takizawa Rengou Vol. 423 23 Jan [Q23] (Hattsun Musume, Hyogo Prefecture, Sales, Female) I’m a student preparing for exams, so please give me some words of encouragement!! Please say it to all students in the country who’re preparing for exams! I’m sorry, this isn’t a question. [A23] Certainly, this isn’t a question! Well~ doesn’t matter […]

滝沢連合 第422章

Takizawa Rengou Vol. 422 22 Jan [Q22] (Juunigatsu no Hana, Hokkaido, Chief Clerk, Female) Hello, Souchou. You are always so stylish and handsome, but when is it that you’d think “Today I look really cool~”? I’m going to watch Takizawa Kakumei. Looking forward to it~ [A22] I don’t do that! I don’t look at the […]

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