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オルトロスの犬 HP

Clearly, I’m not much of a blogger… I write like one post a week? XD

Anyways, good news! An Orthros no Inu original soundtrack will be released on September 9th. No details about the track list yet, but I think Hikari Hitotsu will be in the CD too HH most likely wont be in the CD? The price listed on Amazon JP right now is 2,500 yen. Otanoshimi ni~

Episode 3

 The unconscious Kana wakes from her coma. Was it because of Ryuzaki’s fickleness or is there a catch? Aoi continues to ponder about Ryuzaki’s true intentions, but for now, he feels more relieved. But taking note of the fact that Kumakiri would become apprehensive about Kana’s testimony, Nagisa begins to follow Ryuzaki.

 Meanwhile, Kumakiri’s father Senzou, who knows about the power of Ryuzaki’s hands, introduces Ryuzaki to Sakaki (Takahata Atsuko), the Minister of Health and Welfare of her own company. Senzou explains that Ryuzaki has the power to heal Sakaki’s illness, but she refuses to believe him. Ryuzaki apprises her of the situation that she is in and asks her for the last time “What can you do for me?”


滝様コンサート’09 パンフ Part 1

Here is a translation of the first part of the Takisama Concert ’09 pamphlet.


This year, we did two butais 「Shinshun Takizawa Kakumei」 and 「Takizawa Enbujou ’09」 in succession, and the entire time, my body was in a continuously tense state. Inside, I felt like I wanted to do something that would help loosen up my body, yet would be hilariously fun and meaningful.

That was exactly when the idea of this solo con came up. Once the talk about a concert had started, I thought “Well then, lets do our best to make this fun,” and immediately began to consult with the staff (about ideas for the con). At one point, I ca~sually said “In connection to my solo single 「Ai Kakumei」, what do you think about a love-delivering ranger called TAKIRANGER….” and one conversation quickly led to another and before I knew it, it had grown into this large-scaled thing, to the extent where it has also become the main plan for the concert (laughs).

TAKIRANGER is a hero who fights bad guys with the power of love, and his special move is his declaration of love (laughs).

Saying that makes him seem like he’s some sort of an evangelist of love. The basic concept is… with his vassals, the chibi rangers, he will convert his enemies by saying an array of cliche love quotes (laughs).

Hearing only about this part of the concert, you might think that it’s just one big joke, but a lot of serious action will actually take place. Like a free fall from a highly elevated spot and a real battle scene, incorporated with a dynamic production, quite like a stage play. I plan to develop this with much seriousness and with everything that I’ve got.

In short, I want to show the fascinating aspect of seriously doing something crazy. I’d be happy if the audience can feel that “At first, I thought it was only a joke, but this is really awesome”. To achieve that, I’m now picking through the slightest details as we move forward in the preparations. Even today, I was wearing my TAKIRANGER helmet and said things like “It might be easier for me to move around if the materials on the helmet were lighter” and “Let’s try to make this in a shocking pink color?” I’ve been arranging everything with utmost seriousness. Besides that, I’ve also been having discussions that I never thought I’d have in regards to concert arrangements… things like “I wonder how tall the stage is?” (laughs) Now that I get to stand on stage as a solo (performer), I want to show something that is different from that of a Tackey & Tsubasa concert. I want to strongly pursue the things that I love and my strongest forte (all personal strengths) that I’ve acquired up until now. If I do not show off that distinctively fun side of Takizawa Hideaki, then there would be no point (in doing a solo concert.)

Of course, apart from TAKIRANGER, we’re also preparing a strong, impactful production.

I think people who’ve been supporting me since the past will understand, but that dance which has been locked away for quite some time now is expected to return as an upgraded version…! (laughs) Besides that, there will also be many songs that I haven’t tried singing in a while… In any case, loads of things that I want to do will be squeezed in, and I think it’ll be packed with content, so I hope you’ll look forward to it ne.

I think the success of a concert depends on how much of what we deliver (through the concert) will remain memorable (in everyone’s hearts). For this concert too, I feel that it would be the best if it can always remain in the hearts of the audience as a happy memory, one that even years later will make them say “the concert that day was fun ne!”

With a (slightly premature) summer feeling, I’d like to have a passionately enjoyable (time) with everyone!

Translated by Bon & Mich. Part 2 will come soon.

オルトロスの犬 HP

I didn’t translate Genba reports 5, 8, and 9 because they didn’t even mention Takki… but 5 was about the rest of the casts’ photo shoots. 8 was about a “birthday rush.” Apparently, a lot of the people on the cast had their birthdays at around the same time. And 9 was about more drama filming… a 2-month old Wan-chan even made its TV debut! kawaii~~

Anyways, i’ve only translated the Takki parts in the rest of the Genba. Enjoy~


オルトロスの犬 HP

Ano… yesterday was like Update-as-many-times-as-you-can Day… even the Orthros staff updated the HP like eleven times! THUDSSS~~~ Watch and learn, Avex. Watch and learn.

“Chase after Orthros no Inu!” Game

How to play :

Chase after the unpredictable Orthros no Inu. In this memory game, the buttons will light up in a specific order. Then repeat the pattern by clicking on those buttons in the same order. The pattern will get more and more complicated as the game continues. If you press the wrong button, Orthros-kun will be able to escape, so be careful! If you pass all the levels, you’ll get the chance the win the official Othros goods as a prize!

Play it HERE!


オルトロスの犬 HP

(While Mich is blogging up a storm XD) Hisashiburi da ne, minna-san~~~ sighhh, its been a long week. TGIF!! Working on the other Genba reports right now, but since this one is more important… have to post this one first.

Rough translation of Genba Report #6

a prompt report of the premiere

「Continuing from the first “Orthros no Inu” premiere that happened on the 18th, Takizawa-san, Nishikido-san, and Mizukawa-san were invited to today’s premiere and talk show!! A total of 130,000 people applied for this viewing!! From those, we randomly picked out 150 people. And with everyone’s participation, the premiere officially started.

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